Content Marketing For Amazon Sellers

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Dan Shure started as a musician and then built his own website and mastered SEO and helped others especially with content marketing for Amazon Sellers.

Imagine an Amazon seller – doing $100k / month

Create a Content Marketing Plan

  • Consider a Seller selling spatulas on Amazon but want to move their own products over to their own store
  • Content Marketing for Amazon Sellers is the approach to use
  • Is the market too competitive and out of reach?
  • Seek keywords like ‘spatulas for sale’
  • Search in Google and use SEMrush to test the keyword difficulty – if it’s 80 or higher than it’s very competitive
  • Also the MOZ bar in Google will show the domain authority and higher means very competitive

Time Investment

  • SEO is 6-24 month time period to build momentum and equity
  • If you’ve got super high domain authority to compete with then it’ll take longer

Customers / Keywords

  • Think around the types of customers who will buy a product
  • Types:
    • Informational
    • Transactional
  • Brainstorm / mindmap and freeform what might go with it
  • Spatula – eggs, kitchen, stove, house
  • Collect 5-10 broad topic areas you will cover in your marketing plan
  • Assess a general search volume for each – make sure the topic is big enough with enough demand

Assess competition

  • Use SEM rush and what’s ranking already to assess
  • Relevance gap – search for a topic in Google and if you find a gap then you’ve hit on something

Search Volume

  • How many per month would you look for
  • How many products do you want to sell per month $1,000
  • Expect a 2% conversion rate (10 sales)
  • So you need 2,000 visits per month

Traffic versus search volume

  • Chosen a keyword, “how to cook eggs”
  • Google this keyword to get the search volume
  • Check the top article that meets your needs (not Wikipedia article for eggs)
  • Then go to SEMrush or AHrefs and put your article in there to check the traffic per month from Google per month
  • Now have a rough traffic estimate – and it’s about half the traffic real number
  • Now you have a topic where you can say that if you ranked highly you’d get 2,000 visits per month
  • So now you know if you get your 20 pieces of content marketing and you’ve measured the search volume and estimated traffic for each article then you know if you’re going to get the volume of people to your sales page
  • With that volume of eyeballs on it then enough of those converting will deliver your sales

Keywords in your content

  • “How to cook eggs” is your top target keyword that is most relevant and highest volume
  • Goes in your title tag, main heading, URL and the content on the page – simple as
  • After you publish a piece of content, go to the google search console and check the search queries that it’s ranking for
  • Then go back and add those into the article to make it better

Content Seeding / Promotion

  • If you have a site with some domain authority 20-30
  • Just get the content in the site and it should rank with Google
  • If you want to boost it
  • Facebook ads is the number one way currently for low cost traffic
  • Build an audience over time
  • Outreach to others with an audience is a good way to get your content out there
  • Choose a focused persona that you want to reach out with that will add value to the audience

Are your products right for Content Marketing

  • Can you sell this product on your own store
  • Putting a content plan together
  • Do your products have the right level of demand
  • Can you find the right relevancy spot and niche for you to operate and do content marketing


  • Highly visual piece of content – make it a Pinterest board and put it on slideshare
  • Content marketing for Amazon sellers can put repurposed content on Medium.com to double up
  • Quora.com is a great platform to give quick little answers in there but don’t try to be too spammy in linking to your content