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Ranking and Product Launches on Amazon With Colin Raja

Ranking and Product Launches on Amazon With Colin Raja


Danny interviews e-commerce expert Colin Raja, an experienced Amazon seller from India now based in New York. Colin shares his proven pre-launch strategies for optimising product listings and rankings on Amazon.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Importance of getting product type, browse node, and attributes right for rankings
  • Defining “browse” vs “purchase” keywords on Amazon
  • Step-by-step process for launching and ranking products
  • Using keyword linking strategy to improve relevancy
  • Tips for troubleshooting when rankings drop
  • Considerations for pricing new products


  • Check competitor listings to identify the right product category, browse node, attributes etc to match
  • Target browse keywords first, then add relevant purchase keywords to support them
  • Collect ranking data in the first week to see which keywords get traction
  • Use PPC, external traffic sources, or reviews to increase keyword relevancy as needed
  • Consider launching new brands with low pricing first to gain traction

The show covers specific launch strategies as well as high level best practices for ranking products. Colin emphasises starting with the product metadata first before investing in promotions.

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