Coronavirus – Self Quarantine, Government taking over factories, Face Mask shortage

Brandon Young joins us under Self Quarantine, Richard Ren live from China and mask seller Matt Silver joins Danny to discuss what is happening on the ground in China.


  • Brandon Young was in China for a couple of weeks, went to a showroom, visited her wife’s family in China and finalized work.
  • China issued a warning to all advising to cancel all social events.
  • Brandon decided to go to HK and stay in an apartment near the airport. Then flew back to the US.
  • However, the couple decided to self-quarantine for 14 days (incubation period for novel coronavirus), as precaution.

Face mask factory situation

  • There is a face mask shortage because of the following factors:
    • The Chinese government has taken over all disposable masks factory.
    • The price for PM2.5 material they use has gone up.
    • There is a shortage for this material and the factories will not be back on operation until February 10, 2020 due to government restrictions.
    • The Hubei province is the largest manufacturer for non-woven products, base materials for face masks.
  • Shipping challenges:
    • Shipping to China has become difficult due to the bans.
    • UPS employees have refused to go back to China
    • USPS, FedEx, UPS — avoid shipments by air. Try shipping by courier through HK (but this option will not be open for long)
    • Use shipping by sea.
    • NOTE: The virus does not survive long on packaging. By sea, is not that restricted.
    • Beware of used and repackaged face masks.

What more can be done?

  • We have a group of businessmen who have bought a large amount of face masks and sending it out.
  • Some sellers have their people in Philippines giving out face masks.
  • Japan, and South Korea are manufacturing, sending out support donating masks and medical protective suits to other countries.
  • Flu season will be over by May or June, hopefully the virus will be gone too by then like the other novel virus cases SARS and MERS.
  • Wash your hands, boost your immune system.
  • Check out other sources for products for the meantime, just in case.

About SellerSessions 2020

Multi Brand 7 Figure Seller Liran Hirschkorn  Returns May 9 2020

Liran has had his best year yet as his popularity amongst his peers has grown. Not content with running 2, seven figure brands, he is a globetrotting public speaker , course creator, podcaster and an agency owner looking after PPC for Amazon Sellers. He is the first winner of the prestigious Outstanding Contribution SellerPoll Award.

Destaney Wishon Makes Her Debut at Seller Sessions Live

Destaney is Co Founder and CMO of BetterAMS.Her career in Amazon Advertising began 4 years ago when she got a start managing ads for some of the most well-known brands on the platform. Since then she has managed advertising initiatives for over 100 brands, and a countless number of campaigns through BetterAMS.

Dr Ellis Whitehead Returns As A Special Guest Panelist

Last year the good doctor impressed the delegates with his thoughtful approach to PPC and the A9 algorithm, you can catch him again this year armed with more knowledge and insights for you to take away on the day.

Zack Franklin joins us on May 9 2020

Ever wondered what the Chinese Sellers are up to? How they stay ahead of the curve? Well, Zack works with 7,8 and 9 figure sellers and is based in the heart beat of China, in the futuristic city of Shenzhen. He will be spilling the beans and discussion some great ideas you can implement with external traffic…

Athena Severi Returns as Co Host

Athena is known for her own brands China Magic and the Titan Network, she also puts on dinners and events around the world including SellerCon.  Again, Athena will be sharing mic duties on the day and keeping the program running smoothly.

Paul Harvey Back By Popular Demand

Last year Paul was voted one of the best keynotes, he has a nature talent for speaking and education. This year he will take it up a notch armed with a new bag of tips and tricks you can implement on your business.

Ivelin Demirov Returns With Workshop And Guest Panelist Spot

Last year Ivelin wooed the crowed with his simple hacks and how to implement them. In Sept we put on his Orange Hat high end Mastermind Workshop; which sold out in 47 hours. This year he is back with a spot on the panel and will be announcing his Workshop on Friday May 8 in the next few days.

Brandon Young Makes His Seller Sessions Debut

Brandon is a multi-brand late 7 figure seller, and is well respected by his peers in the community. Fresh from his double win at SellerPoll for Course Provider and Consultant. We have brought him in a as a speaker and will be announcing his workshop very shortly.

Dr Yev Marusenko Makes His Debut On May 9

Yev is one of the most progressive thinkers in our community and always looking to break ground on a technical level. He is the founder behind AmzJet and ZonTracker; carving out his own corner in the software space. We are looking forward to having his insights into some of the best external traffic strategies you can implement in 2020.

Nadine Schöpper Joins The Family At Seller Sessions Live May 9

Nadine co-founded the PPC automation tool BidX. When her partner came up with the idea of optimizing Amazon advertising programmatically, she set the technical foundation for a web application. We have spoken at the same conferences many time and I look forward to having her speak on May 9.

Seller Sessions Live Will Be Donating To Tommy’s Charity For Babies Born Asleep

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This year we will allocate 5 free spaces at the conference for full time single parent Amazon Sellers.

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    • Zack Franklin
    • Nadine Schöpper
    • Liran Hirschkorn
    • Ivelin Demirov 
    • Dr Ellis Whitehead
    • Paul Harvey 
    • And yours truly, Danny McMillan. I will be hosting the show and speaking on a topic.

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