Driving External Traffic to Amazon Part 1

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We are joined by Liran to talk about building an audience and driving external traffic to Amazon. Talking through Storefront URLs, Brand Registry 2.0, Trademarks and chatbots.


  • You need brand-registry
  • This means you need a trademark
  • Takes 8-10 weeks to come through for a UK trademark
  • You can use this trademark across marketplaces Amazon suggests
  • Danny did his own in 20 mins on-line
  • He took two courses of about £240
  • He went through a trademark clearance process which takes about a week and checks that there is no opposition to the  trademark
  • It then takes a further 8 weeks for full clearance
  • After this Danny should be able to take this Trademark back to Amazon for use in the US marketplace for brand-registry 2.0
  • Saving yourself months by filing in the UK

The Madrid System

  • Use it for the whole of Europe and US covering six marketplaces

Build out your Storefront on Amazon

  • This gives you a mini-site on Amazon
  • When people click on your brand name with this storefront it take you here
  • You can have multiple pages, video, lifestyle photos and text

Big advantages

  • You get metrics on visitors and sales to Storefornt
  • Create sources of external traffic
  • You can create an FB ad and create it as a source of external traffic URL with a tag at the end of the URL so you can track visitors and sales that came through that eternal traffic
  • This is giving conversion data which is great
  • Probably create a new tracking code for each FB ad so you can track each ads performance
  • Liran also send Google Adwords traffic this way too
  • Helpful to track how that traffic is performing
  • Also, when they get to your storefront they are seeing your brand and product ONLY on Amazon initially not competitors products
  • They can see a video of your brand there and get a better brand experience

Unique URL

  • Unique URL for each ad group
  • You can go down to each keyword and be more granular to understand what is converting
  • Sending a group of keywords to Amazon and AMZ will tell you how many visitors came and what the sales were through that link
  • With this data you can see the ROI of how that ad campaign is performing
  • People have been doing Adwords because it converts and it’s a good ranking signal to Amazon for external traffic

Searching for your product

  • Search for your main keywords that your ranking for in Amazon
  • Then do a google search
  • Does your brand name come up
  • Do your main keywords come up
  • If not, start running campaigns using your link to Amazon (you can add a 3rd party URL now)
  • When the snippets under the add in the google search pages under the SERPS you will get all the metrics of rates out of 10 for reviews
  • The clickthrough rate is super-high
  • Eventually Amazon picked up on what Danny was doing and they started to run campaigns on those keywords
  • No point in Danny competing so he would negative match out those keywords and work on a secondary set of keywords
  • Done this a few times in the UK and a great way to send external traffic

Adwords is far more sophisticated

  • Lots of people have proprietary systems that harvest data and see traffic coming to their website from a set of keywords
  • They are seeing these keywords are working so let’s setup and run ads for them
  • Using dynamic keyword insertion

Grey Area

  • You can not track the results and before you couldn’t
  • You used to only be able to use your Google Adwords URL
  • Now you can use a 3rd Party URL – i.e. Amazon URL
  • Err on the side of caution

Headline Ads to your Storefront

  • Run ads to the storefront and you can run headline ads to your storefront
  • Brand has 3 ASINs but one is out of stock and you need three ASINs to run headline ads
  • But if you run traffic to the storefront you don’t need all three

Get Brand Registry

  • More things are coming for Sellers
  • Customers will have the ability to FOLLOW brands
  • Amazon will put it in the customer’s control whether they want to hear from you and get coupons, etc
  • Amazon.com was promoting a live-stream with promos like a QVC show selling a product during the show

Facebook ads and Chatbots

  • Goal for 2018 s to build an audience outside of Amazon
  • Use Amazon as a distribution channel and not as your entire business
  • Building audiences of customers and controlling them outside of Amazon
  • Best way is to build an audience on FB Messenger
  • Liran is using Manychat to build out a sequence on Facebook Messenger that is driving external traffic to amazon
  • Much better than email as open rates are like 90%
  • Running ads to Messenger and then building out flows for automated messages or responses

Building your audience

  • Setup an Amazon giveaway
  • Go and buy the product from yourself
  • Set a coupon code ahead of time with 99% off with no code required
  • You can buy it from yourself at 99% off
  • Make sure you setting your max order quantity and not making it public on the page
  • Remove that ability to do that for customers, you go in, do it and end the promotion afterwards
  • Be careful how you set it up

Run a competition

  • Run an Amazon giveaway
  • You can run an ad targeting an audience who like grilling (for barbeque gloves)
  • Target your Amazon giveaway to drive external traffic to amazon
  • They have to click to interact with your bot to get the link to the Amazon giveaway
  • All the people who lose get an option to buy at 30% discount
  • Also, a new product you could try an Amazon 2-step URL to get them to go to the page, rank it and give a deeper discount
  • A cheap way to build an audience cheaply
  • You are targeting people who like grilling and get a lot of ad engagement
  • Ad is we’re giving away a set of grill gloves
  • Click-through rate and engagement is great
  • Running a campaign and it’s costing 29c to get someone to engage with the bot
  • Not everyone is buying the product but they are on his customer subscriber list so he can send broadcast messages
  • So if they bought, he can send a message a few days later automated to say ‘hey you entered our promotion and did you buy it at a discount?)’
  • If they say ‘Yes’ on your buttons you can say back ‘great, can you go leave us a review’ all automated

Single Use coupon codes through messenger

  • List of codes in Google sheets
  • Using Manychat and Zapier to integrate with the single use codes
  • WHole lot you can do with Messenger bots with great open rates and audience building  cheaply
  • In a few years this will drop-off so get in early

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