Failed Products (Funny Stories) Part 2

Paul Harvey, Norm Farrar and Tim Jordan returns alongside me (for part 2), as we discuss fail products in our Amazon catalogues… This should be fun, no one is safe.

A bit of a background

  • Norm Farrar has been in the e-commerce game for almost 30 years. He has been active in Amazon for 4 years.
  • Tim Jordan is an Amazon seller and consultant.
  • Paul Harvey is an eCommerce seller and co-founder of Seller Chatbot

Product inspections

  • When you  are doing your inspections and working with any material. look for positive or negative review from your competitors,
    • Especially the ones with terrible reviews.
  • Ask your manufacturers.
  • Ask the experts.
  • When you work with inspection agencies, give full details and make sure they know the material or the product.
  • Make sure wood products are treated and cured.
  • Get your spec samples and packaging homework done.

Be careful what you wish for 

  • Be careful when negotiating cost-savings. Your supplier might grant your wish but shave off the cost somewhere from your product.
  • Be careful with selecting products,  test them. 
    • At the first sign of trouble, check your products.
  • When you receive complaints, retrace the customer steps and find out if the complaint is legitimate.
  • Make sure you are covered for product liability.

Compute and recompute

  • Test your own product to see if it works as advertised, even before it gets to the market.
  • When bad things happen, mitigate loss.

Don’t be a genius

  • Don’t try to reshape the wheel or repack the chains for that matter.


  • Optimise: your product weight, packaging, listing.
  • It takes months to be profitable. Budget accordingly.
  • Check your price point.

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