Factories Auditioning for Chinese Amazon Sellers

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in this episode, Richard Ren joins us in this episode to talk more about how factories in China “audition” to sellers in the Canton Fair. An overview of the processes, listen to this insights from inside China.

A bit of a background

  •  Factories, in a way, audition for sellers.
  • Richard started selling in 2012 – he started when he was living in New Zealand. They moved to China and they started selling in AliExpress. They sold in Wish and  started selling in Amazon.
  • Richard’s market is the US and Australia.

Highlights of Living Locally

  • The local community plays a big role.
  • There are different communities and events for the factories.
  • This events are targeted towards e-commerce sellers. 
  • You can design together, and talk to the factory owners face to face.
  • You get to do small test orders.
  • Better terms.
  • There are prep centers in China for your items.


  • Get to know your supplier better.
  • Break the supply chain by using prep centers.
  • You can have the factory have your items sent to you directly.
  • You can have your factories have your items unique and not sold to other sellers.
  • Create a small icon on your item or in the box. Something you can not see.
  • This way, you’ll be able to track if other people are hijacking your product.
  • Do extensive quality tests.

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