Hidden Keywords

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Will Tjernlund joins the show to discuss MTurk by Amazon. In this conversation we will discuss how to optimize listing, find hidden keywords and gain insights from your Amazon customers without breaking the terms of service.

A bit of a background – MTurk

  • Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon.
  • It is a way for Amazon to do things that machine learning is not yet able to do: like what is the exact shade of blue an item is.
  • Anyone who wants to use the service can use it for things like: finding hidden keywords.
  • It helps people to find some sort of income and is now open for anyone who wants to use the service.
  • Anyone can open an account.

Terms of Service 

  • You can not ask personal questions.
  • You can not take customer data.
  • This can lead to banned accounts.

How to Use The Service

  • With MTurk, you can ask questions, like surveys.
  • Split testing images and keywords
  • Step back and get a survey together before you  start your project.
  • Perfect for getting customer perspective to optimize the human experience.
  • You might get the listing on algorithm optimized but you need other people’s input for the human perspective.
  • You can use MTurk for figuring out why your sales are not happening.

Finding Hidden Keywords

  • You find out what people use to actually search for products and why.
  • You figure out what keywords actual people use and you’ll be surprised that they use different words from your list of algorithm optimized keywords.
  • You then choose from those keywords – for your listing and ads.
  • You can specify the age, and other subsets to make it as close s possible to your audience.
  • You can also find out who will be your customer, and then get it narrowed down so you can figure out who will buy your product.
  • Make sure to optimize the human experience.

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