How to Deal With the Limited Shipments into Amazon until April 5 (Part 2)

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Brandon Young, Liran Hirschkorn, Tim Jordan & Michael Hartman drop knowledge on how to deal with the limited shipments into Amazon until April 5.

Part 2 of this episode.

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What You Do Now Changes Things

  • There will be businesses that will close in the coming months, a lot of people will not have any job to go back to.
  • A lot of the data will be skewed — do product research!
    • You can come out with 10 new products ready to launch.
    • new sellers can start learning how things work.

Products for Tomorrow

  • People will not be throwing party in 30 days but they could be back in 6 months.
  • Now is the cheapest time to enter fast categories because now they are not selling, so you can start building your business on the unpopular products and when the demand comes back you will be up on the ranking.
    • This works if you have money to invest.
  • Two levels of crisis: the virus and inevitable recession.
    • People will be buying more home goods but 6 months from now.
  • Do not join on the trends. They do not last.
  • Look at yourself as a company — open your numbers and see how you can adopt to the situation.
    • Do not panic.
  • Many will have lesser or no income — how will that affect your business and what you are selling?
    • Luxury goods will not do that good right now.
    • Double down on those that are not selling.
    • Expand if you have the money to invest and you will reap the benefits when things get back on track.

Preparing for the worst? 

  • This will happen ONLY when the world stops delivering, Amazon will be here as long as delivery exists.
  • Society will breakdown if delivery stops, people will not be able to get what they want.
  • Amazon will be much stronger in the long run.
  • Primarily, Amazon is the right place.
  • Big companies might pull out from e-Commmerce.

What can we do right now? 

  • Do the stuff that will help you in the next 6 months.
  • Look at listing optimization.
  • Read your books
  • Don’t react too much on your PPC because the data is skewed.
  • Make sure everything is in tiptop shape.
  • PPC Suggestion from Danny
    • Review last month’s performance from last month’s rate.
      • #1 IF the conversion rate has dropped significantly in the last week or two, consider pausing them for a while.
      • #2 Review last month’s performance for each product if the product sales have dropped off the cliff but ad spend had stayed the same, consider pausing the campaign for that product OR
      • Leave your best keyword for that product and keep them running in exact match
      • #3 IF you are not afraid of running out of stock then you might be able to double down on some keywords. HOWEVER, we do not generally recommend increasing bids too much on auto-broad and phrase campaigns because Amazon is being given out a lot more bad clicks in 2020 than it was doing a year ago.
  • Be proactive with how you react– this is an opportunity.
  • Stop NetFlix binging!
  • ‘Books to read:
    • Amazon for CMOs
    • Napoleon’s Think and Grow Reach
    • Rocket Fuel
    • Power Shift
    • Built to Sell
    • The Sixth Distinction
  • Turn your phone off and turn off the TV! Disconnect from the panic.
  • All crisis come to an end.
  • Join online networking events!
  • Big players know it — things will get back on track BUT success is when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY.

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