How to use Influencer Campaigns for your Amazon Products with Kevin Rizer and Danny McMillan – Session 020

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We’re joined by Kevin Rizer, host of Private Label Movement podcast and Amazon Seller. Kevin shares with us the tactics behind how to use Influencer campaigns for your Amazon product sales.

What is Influencer Traffic and how do you use it?

  • How to use influencer campaigns and attract influencers
  • Ability to harness the influence of another to drive reviews, traffic and sales to listings
  • Been around for hundreds of years but new to ecommerce space
  • Warm traffic and sometimes free
  • <2% of people on Amazon are using Influencer traffic

How to use Influencer campaigns – where do you find Influencers?

  • Wherever people congregate there are influencers
  • A knitting group that gathers monthly – the leader of that group is an influencer
  • We want to look on-line and YouTube is a favourite place to look as is Instagram

How do you use influencer campaigns with YouTube or Instagram?

  • Demographic based – howto videos is YouTube (i.e. present a portable tent in a demo video of in-use on YouTube)
  • Cosmetics or beauty that may not require as much illustration but is more ’emotion’ evoked so Instagram can work
  • The audeince on YouTube are looking for How-Tos but Instagram is more people killing time rather than looking for how-tos

Audience Demographics is important

  • Tons of people are searching on YouTube rather tahn Google – looking for How-Tos and Inspiration – more so that Google
  • More younger and male dominated audience
  • Second Largest search engine – only beaten by Google on searches per day

How to Target Influencers

  • Start by finding people with channels on YouTube that are of interest to our target demographic
  • Using Avatars (i.e. Female between 25-55 interested in Beauty Products)
  • Find YouTube channels that appeal to that group
  • Size of the channel is important – how many videos posted – more over a longer period makes it more established/mature and more engaged
  • Subscribers – largest is not always the best – micro-influencers (10k or more followers) can be great
  • You want content realted to your demographic
  • Quality of their posts and number of views per video
  • Are the comments engaged and is the Host in the comments engaging with the audience
  • Have they ‘featured’ products in the past, if so they may be more likely to talk about your product

Ways to work with Influencers

  • Unboxing products
  • Video reviews of products
  • Getting their audience involved is what you want

How to approach Influencers

  • Simple as striking up a conversation as if you met in the real-world not on-line
  • Make it about ‘them’
  • Mistake is to talk about yourself right out of the gate
  • Look through their videos and find some things that you find helpful, entertaining
  • Mention the things you really like about their work and what you liked, recognise their effort and quality of work
  • Next, introduce yourself and tell them something interesting about you
  • Something that sets you apart
  • A bit about your product and why it’s fun, exciting
  • Then THE ASK
    • Tell them you would love to get their thoughts on your product and that they would have some interesting feedback
    • Instead of asking them, use an ‘assumptive close’ and end with “Where can I send you the free product?”
    • More likely to get them to accept
  • You might get sent a rate card that they charge for advertising or you might get your free review
  • If there’s a charge then you need to weigh up how much value you will get here

You want the review to be favourable

  • How to use influencer campaigns to support fovourable reviews
  • Important to walk before you run and not ask them for a top review right out of the gate
  • Ask them to give their honest views to you on your product
  • If they confirm and give you the address to send to and don’t ask for money then you might assume it’s free
  • Next, have a few products with you (rather than in Amazon) and send it to them with a handwritten note and maybe a personal video explaining the product and giving some tips on how to use it and any instructions
  • Personal touches go a long way
  • Once they have the product and have fallen in love with it, it’s then that you discuss how they might help you promote the product to their audience

Effectiveness of the campaign

  • What are your needs? Send them to Amazon, your Shopify Store, your own Landing Page to offer a discount code, etc
  • Also, depends what the influencer is happy to do
  • Get their audience involved, offer them free giveaways or some discount
  • If possible, send them to a traffic source you control
  • Send to a landing page with a picture or logo from the influencer at the top so that it seems natural and congruent to them
  • Then we will collect their data in return for a discount, etc.
  • This gives us:
    • the Facebook pixel data and
    • contact information and email addresses before we send them to go buy our product
  •  We also now control where we send them
  • on’t forget these videos live for a long time – first 90 days are biggest bang for your buck, but some of these videos on YouTube are 2-4 years old with millions of views
  • When you send the traffic from the video to a source you control, if you change where it goes in a years’ time then you can direct that traffic where you need

How do you stack these campaigns?

  • How to use influencer campaigns across the year, stacking them without clashing
  • Target is two influencer campaigns per month
  • Send to a landing page or using bit.ly link to track performance to get a sense of how each one does
  • Using Amazon it’s hard to map which campaign is delivering how many sales
  • If I have a product selling 5-10 per day and an Influencer does a campaign and I suddenly sell 30-40 per day then I can be sure it was caused by the influencer
  • We space them out so we don’t clash which influencer is affecting sales
  • You can go back to the same influencer in the future and update your campaign or take a new product to that audience
  • If you give value to the influencer they will be happy to work with you again in the future

How to use Influencer campaigns with tools?

  • Overgrowth software has lots of features that help sellers
  • It automates the process of Influencer outreach which no other tool does
  • It scours YouTube and shows you the most relevant YouTube channels to reach out to
  • You can do this manually taking longer from hours to minutes
  • Go to overgrowth.com to check the tool out


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