How Was Your Q4? with Jeff Schick

Jeff Schick joins us in this episode to share his thoughts on Q4 plus valuable information on how and what sellers can prepare for surprise Amazon audit crackdowns. Do you know that there are fake Amazon lawyers? The second installment for our mini-series: How Was Your Q4?


  • Jeff Schick is a lawyer specialized in helping out Amazon sellers.
  • He supported himself through law school by selling on Amazon.

Amazon Crackdowns

  • Amazon is cracking down on counterfeiting.
  • There may be random unexpected checks asking sellers to submit documents to prove they are not selling counterfeits.
  • This is affecting mostly FBA and private label sellers. 
  • Issues can be resolved in as little as 24 hours to as long as a week.
  • The crucial point: identify what the problem is.

How to Prevent Issues

  •  Pesticides issue: go through all your inventory, download the flat file on your ASINs and make sure that all the boxes are filled in properly.
  • Request this listing report from Amazon so you can look through your listings, and look for pesticide listings and have those removed.
  • Do not wait for Amazon to check your ASINs.
  • Make sure every single block has something in it.
    • Some people can sabotage you and place in their contributions to those unpopulated blocks

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