In-Depth with Amazon seller Michael Fenech

In-Depth with Amazon seller Michael Fenech



### Introduction

– Host Danny McMillan welcomes entrepreneur Michael Fenech to the Seller Sessions Podcast.

– Brief overview of the episode’s focus on the entrepreneurial journey, mindset, and success in various business ventures.


### Michael Fenech’s Brief Intro

– Michael and his wife are Amazon sellers with three SKUs.

– A four-year Amazon journey preceded by experiences in Dropshipping and network activities.


### Inspirations

– Michael’s background growing up in a high-achieving family.

– The influence of his three brothers who are professional athletes and his entrepreneurial father.


### Mindset and Early Life

– How Michael’s early life was shaped by his family’s dedication to discipline and success.

– The role of his brothers as major sources of inspiration.


### Education and Early Career Aspirations

– Michael as an above-average student who didn’t attend university.

– Initial career aspirations to be a professional golfer and the lessons learned from not pursuing it.


### Mindset in Sports and Business

– Comparison between the mindset required for sports, particularly golf, and business.

– The vital role mindset plays in achieving success.


### Recovering from Not Making It in Golf

– The emotional and psychological transition after not making it as a golfer.

– A deep dive into self-awareness and strength application.


### Transition to Business and Belief in Mindset

– Transferring life lessons from sports to business, focusing on discipline, delayed gratification, and mindset.

– Why success isn’t solely about resources or money, but also one’s mindset.


### Moving Forward

– The importance of directing your strengths properly.

– Accepting and acknowledging one’s limitations as a positive step towards growth.



### The Entrepreneurial Bug

– Michael’s foray into entrepreneurship at around 22 years old.

– Initial ventures into real estate and technology.


### High-Profile Business Ventures

– Creating a media technology in 2010 that facilitated radio station connections.

– Forming an executive team from ex-Facebook and Yahoo! execs, leading to increased confidence.


### Dropshipping, Amazon, and Beyond

– The challenges and learnings from running dropshipping stores.

– Transitioning to Amazon FBA in 2018-2019 and growing a brand to over seven figures.


### Community Building: The End Game Network

– The inception of the End Game Network and its objectives.

– Impact on the Australian Amazon Community and two success stories from the network.


### Other Business Ventures

– Danny queries about ‘SKU Drop’, a response to high shipping costs.

– Michael shares that SKU Drop is used by over 500 brands and discusses its unique features.


### Hosting an Amazon Seller Conference

– Michael shares insights into hosting a large Amazon seller conference in Australia.



### Final Thoughts

– Danny applauds Michael’s strong community building as a significant factor behind his success.

– Summary of the episode and the vast scale of Michael’s impact in various business sectors.



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