Justin Cobb (Carbon6 CEO) – In-Depth

In this episode we go inside the mind of Justin Cobb, the head of Carbon6.  Carbon6 came out of stealth last year at Prosper with the end goal of centralising software so Amazon sellers have a single login and have enough best in class tools to efficiently run their Amazon business.


About Justin


Lifelong competitor.  


Won numerous competitions playing saxophone in grade school.


Loved sports but undersized and thus went out for the wrestling team as a Freshman in high school.  Rough start, 1 win and 19 losses in year one.  Loved the sport and went all-in round the calendar and two years later won a state championship.  


Took that winning mindset to business.  In 2002, upon graduating college, while taking a year off before law school, started a direct sales company.  Training others to run their own business, Justin moved to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland before returning to the US in 2015.  Today that sales force spans 15 countries, generating north of $1bn in revenue and donations for the largest for-profit and non-profit companies in the Western world. 


After a failed attempt at early retirement in which he had planned on becoming a full time investor, at a time during Covid when e-commerce was flying, Justin saw a gap in the market for top tech solutions servicing the professional seller and other large brands on Amazon and formed Carbon6.


Carbon6 has combined successful serial entrepreneurs, some of the greatest minds in the Amazon community and accomplished career SaaS professionals to create the ecosystem for the professional marketplace seller.  The mission is to simplify success online.

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