Listing optimisation – “2020 vs 2019”

In this episode, we are going top down. Starting at the canonical URL, via the Title, onto the images, bullets, backend, description and of course A+ content. Steering the good ship are Liran Hirschkorn, Amy Wees and more surprises on this episode. Sharing is caring. Stay home, be safe.

A bit of background

  • Liran Hirschkorn started selling on Amazon in 2014. He started by buying discount stuff and flipping them on Amazon.
  • Amy Wees started selling on Amazon in 2007 while studying and working in the Air Force.

Canonical URL

  •  Way of telling search engines that a URL represents the master copy of the page.
    • It is the ASIN URL
    • Keyword that uses the keywords that represent the contain. Used on SEO, usually the first five words.
  • How it affects SEO
    • First 6 keywords should be on the title.
    • Do not use the “dash” or size on your listing
    • Use the first six keywords and then the dash. Use only one.
    • Do not use the dash anymore.
  • The pipe can affect your listing or content. Stay away from it too.
  • Use the brand name at the beginning of your titles.
  • Your bullet points also help you to rank.
  • Focus on the keywords and benefit on the title.

The Title

  • The place you want to have keywords plus differentiation:benefits.
    • Weave in the benefits 
    • Example: Fish Oil + Joint pain
  • Mobile: stay within 70 characters
    • is a good way to see why people search for fish oil or any product.
    • Use keyword tools.
  • Prioritize medium to long tail keywords and include the seed keyword that has the large search volume
  • Your photo will drag them to the title.
  • Make sure your differentiation is not truncated.
  • Make sure you have the material, amount or size at the beginning of the title:
    • 60 capsules or 1 bag or 12 oz
  • Make sure you pay attention to listing optimization when you create it because it is difficult to change it.
  • Make sure you have a website with your product title.
    • You can create a case with the correct title and attach your product page to your case to get it changed.
    • They will ask for photos of the product: photos all sides of the packaging and product in order to change the title.
    • Make sure the product is a live photo.
  • Focus your keywords on your customer needs.


  •  Images are extremely important.
  • Lifestyle photos, text call outs and design.
  • Ways to position your photo so they take out more space on mobile.
    • Use PickFU and do an AB test or split test your photos.
  • Order images:
    • Take the image as close as possible to the sides.
  • The Seven Photo strategy from Amy – Amazon ranks you according to the number of your photos.
    • main photo
    • the rest of the photos do not need to have white background
    • 2nd photo answers the question “why you should buy this”.
    • 3rd photo shows what is included
    • 4th photo shows guarantee, badge or risk assurance 
    • 5th photo shows how it can be used
    • 6th photo shows the product as a gift.
    • 7th is a lifestyle photo, how it looks like in their life.
    • Less than 6 means it is not retail ready.
    • Your photos should answer the customer questions.
  • The Customer Avatar from Liran
    • Get a sheet of paper and write down who will be your customer
      • Example: Sally who is 45 years old, with two kids.
    • Appeal to that person.
    • Photos should evolve as your listing evolves over time.
    • Take images from your reviews and add it to your listing.
    • Add coupon code in your images. Do not include in your listing itself, just on the images.
  • Translation across markets from Danny
    • Pan-EU images allows translation of image annotation.
    • Make sure you translate your image annotations across markets.
  • DO NOT SAVE ON IMAGES. Make sure you spend as much money on images and packaging as necessary to get the best.
    • Subpar listings will kill your product.

Bullet Points

  • From Liran
    • Two types of shoppers: skimmers and readers.
    • Use transitional words: so that — this should highlight the benefit.
    • Include a main thing like: manufactured in the US, lifetime insurance etc.
    • Think of it for conversion.
  • From Amy
    • Focus on phrases.Two to three keyword phrases
      • Individual keywords in your bullets is a no-no
    • Use two to three keyword phrases.
    • First Bullet: us capitals
      • Why you need this product in your life
    • Second point: what is included
    • Third point: risk free or guarantees. 
    • Fourth bullet: multiple uses
    • Fifth bullet: gift
    • Sixth bullet: what is trending in the space.
  • Stuffing: if you stuff keywords, you can get flagged.
  • Change your bullets according to holiday time periods.
    • Your bullets should change where it is relevant.
    • Have it planned in your calendar. Do it a couple of days before.
    • When changing it — make sure to research your keyword phrases like: mother’s day gift from daughter to mother.

Product Description

  • Use HTML formatting because it shows up on mobile and retains its formatting.
  • Start with call to action.
  • Underneath that, include why you should choose the product. 
    • Feature + so that benefits
    • 2000 characters on your description.
  • Explain your brand story and your authority in your space.
  • Include social element but do not overdo.
  • Add the final CALL TO ACTION!
  • Tools!
  • List the features and benefits.
  • Tie in the emotions of who you are and what you do.

Search Terms

  • Check out Amy’s Free Course on how to fill out the back end.
  • Do not put variations on the front end, place them on the back end.
  • Utilize ALL the back end fields.
    • These will be used in search
  • Ideas for keywords for the back end? Look at the filters on the left side and utilize those.
  • Variation listing: place different keywords on every variation
  • Use search terms on your back end.
    • Do not include symbols on your back end.
    • Just words and spaces
    • Commas take up two bytes
  • Check out of you are indexed for a keyword:
    • Type your ASIN+ keyword
    • Zero results means you are not indexed

A+ Content

  •  Images should not be sacrificed by A+ content
  • You can use it for complementary products and videos
  • if you are a new listing, without the reviews and social proofs then you need A+ content to look more professional.
    • Must for brand registered products. 
    • Anchor used A+ for showing the benefits across products/ comparison.
  • Not necessary for market leaders.
  • Use it for company or brand story: graphics and images.


  • ALWAYS fill out the MORE DETAILS TAB
  • Scroll down and see how the sponsored ads look like
    • Open up an incognito window and open your listing and see what people buy after they browse your listing.
  • Open you product approach someone to a few people and see if they understand your listing.
  • Look at the questions on your listings. Make sure to answer!
  • Use the description for the Q&A
    • Ask friends to ask questions 🙂
    • Get some leading questions
    • This is a grey area.

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