Search and Buy With Chat Bots

Paul Harvey joins to talk Search and Buy

  • Search and buy with chatbots
  • Send the customer to Amazon and make them search for it to find it via the search making it an authentic and organic way
  • Slower uptake because of the method and people being lazy
  • Using a chatbot


  • Main messaging objective is your run the clicks to Messenger ads
  • This clicks on a chatbot and works well
  • But clicks are expensive on this as they may be window shoppers


  • Traffic ad from Facebook to a Landing Page
  • Buy now on Messenger and it’s way cheaper
  • Costing 10p a click so each subscriber is costing 20p as opposed to 80p

Targeting is key

  • Same strategy as a year ago
  • Instead of saying click to buy and going to a landing page with email opt-in
  • Now goes to Messenger bot and runs a bot
  • This is the pre-automated messenger messages
  • Friction going off Facebook to Landing Page tha send back to Facebook Messenger and the bot
  • But a lot cheaper that £2 per click to send to  Messenger Objective on ad spend
  • Using Amazon promoter to enable Messenger to trigger
  • Create any Amazon page in 5 mins that looks great on mobile
  • Paul targets mobile only and wi-fi enabled
  • Overlaps with Instagram which is mobile only

Mobile traffic converts the best – Gamification

  • Engage the client
  • Don’t like doing big discounts
  • Don’t help ranking as much
  • Added gamification to it in chatflow – doesn’t work outside chatbot
  • A catch in the chatbot
  • One for 60% off and 90%
  • 60% is a link
  • To get 90% you need to go and find the product on page 2 on Amazon and they have to search
  • The gamification seems to drive 95% to go for the 90% off for the extra work of searching Amazon

Get to Page 2 First

  • Get your product on page 2 first
  • Ran promo and got up from 17 to 10
  • Once the promo stopped it plummeted to page 2
  • Within a week and it rectified
  • Another product was on page 4 and ran promo and got up to page

Test for yourself

  • Search and Buy works better for a product on page 4 to get to page 2
  • No two products are the same
  • Mix up the traffic to Amazon and changing it up with varied traffic works well with Amazon
  • Keep testing and find the answers


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