Shopify News – Takes on Amazon… Who Wins???

Shopify has launched a new app called ‘Shop’ – and with it potentially an entirely new business model! Joe and Miro drop by to break this down and George comes back to discuss some Adwords news.

A bit of a background

  • George Meressa from Clear Ads Ltd. A company that focuses on ad words.
  • Joe Reichsfeld is an E-commerce consultant, mentor, and marketer with 40 years of solid business experience in many different areas both online and off-line. 
  • Miro Posavec is an expert in the field of corporate financing and business growth. He shares his knowledge on financing trends and operational processes, to help companies raise the needed funds to grow their business

Ad Words

  • Amazon wins when it comes to branding because it has been around for so many years.
  • You have to make sure that you get the “social proof” from Amazon on to Shopify.
    • Use social proof through Instagram and Facebook
  • You need to set up Google Analytics.
    • You have to enable the e-commerce as well to track all the sales.

Google Shopping

  • Google Express Account is where Amazon sells your products for you.
  • Google shopping is the first place to go when doing Google ads for your Shopify store.
    • Connect your Google Merchant account to your Google Ads Account.
    • Make sure that data feed goes from the website to the merchant account.
  • If Google gets this right, they will become a contender against Amazon.
  • It will be an interesting space.
    • In the next few months, more space on the search results will be taken up by Google Shopping.
  • For Google Shopping, you can have a direct data feed from Shopify going to your website through Google Smart Shopping
    • One of the best conversions!
  • Google automatically optimizes your campaign so you are on places where customers can see you and converts best.
    • If you want more control, place your product information on Google Sheet and upload that information to Google Merchant Center.
    • You could put terms that you want your ads to show for, and add these into the descriptions of your listing.
    • The description on the website is what gets married on to Google Shopping.
    • You can use the Google Sheet as a way to manipulate.
  • Review the search terms that come through Google Shopping
    • See what search terms convert best and make sure those terms are included in the descriptions to help the impression share.

Social proof of Amazon reviews, why is it important?

  • There are plugins from Shopify that does this for you.
    • There are plugins that will charge you “per” review so be careful when selecting a plugin or app.
    • Try: Feefo or Trust Pilot
  • Put the social proof on to your website because it will help the click through conversion rate. 
  • Have your ads appear on YouTube videos related to your product.
    • First 5 seconds before the video shows up.
  • Can Amazon reviews be imported out to other platforms without issues? Is it against the TOS?
    • Anything on Amazon belongs to Amazon.
    • Change the wordings around so you are okay and place a note that the reviews have come from Amazon.

Shopify launches Shop

  • Shopify launched a dedicated shopping app for consumers called Shop. The app is based on tracking app Arrive, which is used for tracking packages.
  • It has now been downloaded for more than 20 million installs to date.
  • There are a few Stores inside Shop.
    • Time to jump in and start your campaigns.
  • Shopify has the resources to push this through.
  • As it starts to come together and people start to use it, it will pick up.
    • The tracking part is what gets your interest.
    • It will not replace Amazon, there is enough space.
  • Suggestions:
    • They need to step up SEO  on Shopify Blog that comes with the store..
    • Replace the blog with WordPress blog because it has better SEO power.
    • Find a way to market your store.


  • Have a back up plan — how will you pivot your  business?
  • Track your customers through DSP and offer warranties and get their information.
  • Have plans for fail scenarios.
  • Do not end your relationship with the customer after the sale!
  • Develop other products.
  • If you started your business in Amazon, make sure to differentiate.
  • If you want to set up on Shopify, make sure you have the money to throw at your experts. who will help you.
  • Diversify your online sources of sales: Ebay, Shopify etc.
    • Do this in a low-impact way: low expense and low distraction.
    • Try WordPress and a ShopifyLite inserted as your buy box.
  • Pinterest is one source of free traffic for e-commerce sales.
    • It needs contents too!
    • It is an e-commerce planning site. “People not ready to buy today”.

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