Women Of Amazon – Business, Life and Positivity

Join us in this episode with Athena Severi, Alycia Shapiro, Anne Ferris, Georgie Mayhew and Katherine Phipps. I will get the low down on what is going on in their world right now and the impact it is having on their Amazon businesses and services.

A bit of a background

  • Athena Severi has been selling on Amazon for five years now
  • Alycia Shapiro has been on e-commerce since 2003, she started her private label brand in 2014.
  • Anne Ferris has been selling on Amazon for three years with a family focused brand. 
  • Georgie Mayhew has been selling on Amazon for about three years and has a seven figure business.
  • Katherine Phipps also an Amazon seller shares with us her insights.

While on lockdown..

  • Get to spend time with family.
  • Get to know your team members and invest in them during this times.
  • Put out content that can help people.
  • Work with influencers and build a community of customers on social media.
  • Work on building your categories: consumables, health and wellness.
  • Stay up to date with all the information and look back at the recession from 2007.
  • Look at financial instruments being offered.
    • Maintain your payroll and protect your cash-flow.
    • There are opinions that it will be a V- shaped recession, where it will be easier to bounce back.
  • Prepare for Q4. 
  • Study and connect with people.
  • Focus on things that will help you return.
  • Improve yourself for 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

Get out of the funk!

  • Wake up and don’t get stuck scrolling.
  • One tiny success will move your day.
  • Change little things.
  • Have core goals set up and create accountability with or among your friends.
  • Not accomplishing anything builds up to procrastination.
  • Procrastination makes us feel bad about ourselves.
  • Read one page and get anything accomplished — take small bites.
  • Be fearless! Stand up on your own two feet and be fearless.
  • What did you do great today and what did you fail at.
    • Everything you do does not have to be right (or perfect). It is what you do to make yourself better.

Time management and Education During Lockdown

  • Compartmentalize your time.
    • Spend time with your kids and focus on your family.
  • This is a precious time that might never happen again so don’t prioritize education — it comes in different forms.
  • Teach your children life skills or business skills.
  • Balance your kids day.
  • Whatever approach you take with education, it begins at home.
  • Teach them how to learn things and learn fast.
  • Understand how your children’s learn.
  • Teach your children how to run their business.
  • Let your kids discover their passion!

How our kids can recession-proof their life

  • Get them on Amazon early. Teach them business skills.
  • Show your kids that life is limitless.
  • Teach them to give back and how to get back up.
  • Teach them how to bounce back up emotionally.
  • Teach your kids resilience!
  • Practice gratitude.

What people should be doing right know

  • Find out what your customers want and deep dive on your business.
  • Have a positive mindset.
  • Reach out to other people.
  • Use available data and focus on historical data because the current data is skewed.
  • This is the time to go all in on your branding.
    • Update your wordings and make it more friendly and emotional.
    • The same with images.
    • Create a brand story– the customer is the hero of the story!

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