1 Day Product Launches

Liran is here with 1 Day Product Launches.

  • Basically instead of traditional launches over 7 – 10 days
  • 1 Day product Launches compress that into a single day with the same number of units
  • Using this method Liran’s product rank was 36 and within a couple of days after launch it went to #8 within a couple of days

No Mistakes

  • In a multi-day launch you can get away with some mistakes not in 1 day product
  • Within 48hrs the 1 day launches
  • No movement for a few days and then you see the lag of the lift in numbers
  • Need to make sure your targeting is setup right

Coupon Codes – how many?

  • Having the confidence that you need to giveaway more coupon codes than people are going to redeem – can be scary in case they all checkout
  • Take up rate on coupon codes is around 50-60% for Liran
  • Not used any software to optimise this but just use a different estimate – if it’s a min major keyword, then look at sales on page 1 for top 5 sellers and estimate about 65% of that is what they are selling through that keyword
  • There isn’t any one tool that can tell how many sales a seller is getting through a keyword – only their overall sales
  • About 60-70% is pretty aggressive and should mean you give away enough coupons
  • Of 1,000 sales then they’ll get 650 through the keyword
  • Divide 650 by 30 days, then for the 1 day launches will give away 7-9 days of sales in 1 day product launches

Traffic Sources

  • Use my own email list for my 1 day product launches
  • Also a combination of email out to list as well as Facebook ads
  • To make sure he gets the coupon uptake – run ads and send to a landing page for the email distribution
  • Giving discount between 70-90% depending on the product and end-price

Higher Price Lower Discount?

  • Higher price products at $100 and someone gets it for $30 is a big benefit so can get away with 70%
  • At a $10 product more likely to give 90% off
  • Lower the discount then the higher the need for great targeting on Facebook

Dialling in the Keywords

  • Using three different keywords?
  • Genius link?
  • Different for Mobile?
  • Using one keyword for an initial launch for my 1 day product launches

Increase Average Order Size

  • Saying you can take two of these products in the ad to make them take two
  • Limit 3 per customer – works and gets people to increase average order size
  • Amazon sees the average customer buying two of your products helps Amazon decide to pump you up in the rankings
  • Giveaway different codes and a range of 70-90% and send “Add to cart to see what you win” drives them to come and add to cart which on its own is a ranking signal

Success Stories

  • Liran ranked from #36 to #8
  • Got to bottom of page 1 on a new product
  • The key is giving away the right number of units
  • Nine times out of 10 is people not doing the right discount or the right volume of giveaways
  • Just follow the model at 90% and a good number of giveaways that work for Facebook ads – don’t mess around with it, 90% makes in interesting enough but make sure your funnel works so test it


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