1 Star Reviews – Launch Roulette

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Liran is with us talking through the Vine program, damage of 1 Star reviews at launch and strategies to recover from a bad launch.

  • Had a product launched and got a 1 star review straight out the gate
  • About a $10k investment into sourcing this product
  • PPC would not convert, ranking can’t be maintained
  • Lowering of price to recover
  • it’s a conversion killer
  • Lucky as Liran was in an FBA Vine programme
  • Vine customers are more critical
  • Kept going and got more reviews – thankfully they were 4Star and 5Star and product is selling really well
  • What if Amazon waited until your 5 reviews before publishing them


  • A decent launch is $15-20k
  • You launch it and you do giveaways or PPC
  • You have to be super-relevant and give giveaways to get the relevance to get the keyword to show to get the sale
  • People will buy with no reviews for the right price with a coupon code – more difficult but does happen
  • You might convert every 6-8 clicks
  • But as soon as you get these 1 Star reviews – that’s all over
  • Buyers see the Star rating and switch off – they don’t even click through
  • As a Seller there’s no easy way out of this
  • People don’t read reviews – that’s why people move vacuum cleaners to make up brush listings but sell like crazy as people only see hte 4Star not read the reviews

Stage your Stock into Amazon

  • People only send some of their stock in to avoid the risk of getting 1 Star reviews and having to re-call all their stock from the warehouse with the 0.60 per unit removal fee
  • They can just put a small inventory in and if it tanks they can start afresh with a new ASIN and send in more stock
  • Got to sell 100 units to get a review

Assume you Keep the Listing and not a new ASIN

  • Give a deep discount 90% giveaway
  • Use a managebystats or Bridge by SixLeaf to pull the audience
  • Send to Facebook and ask them for feedback on the product they’d just bought
  • Try to get unverified reviews
  • This would be in terms of service we’d say
  • Probably cleaner than taking an Amazon data and appending data to it

How to Recover

  • If it’s an unfair review…
  • Getting a 1 Star review can take 9 good ones to get back in the game\Review conversion rate has dropped from 2-4% down to 1%
  • That’s 1,000 units and you’re only marketing with PPC and paying over the odds as no-one wants to buy with a 1Star review
  • Least risky is to kill the ASIN and do another one to make it clean but it’s not ToS – not recommending this
  • Outside of ToS would be to asking unconnected friends to give reviews
  • Sellers sometimes need to think creatively on what to do to get by
  • Especially if that 1Star was from a competitor – very difficult

How Amazon could Resolve it

  • Liran recovered well because he was in the Reviews programme and knew they were coming
  • If Amazon opened up the review programme – we pay Amazon to buy reviews, but buying reviews is against Amazon’s ToS!
  • Pay £1,000 and get 30 reviews – Dan would pay that all day long
  • Make it easier for Buyers to leave reviews – look at the Uber pop-up to rate your driver 5Stars
  • Make Sellers choose to use Vine and get reviews that way
  • Weighted in the customers advantage which is fine
  • But the hours Sellers put in to get a product out there and the risk of a 1Star ruining your listing is not recognised

Liran went to Canton

  • Canton Fair – went to Global Sources shows
  • Found new potential product opportunities
  • New ways to bundle things – it’s not as saturated as some Sellers are saying
  • A good opportunity to get out to China and make contact – if your budget can manage it
  • Be sure to follow up afterwards
  • Focus on the niches and go under that radar with Amazon



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