Amazon Account Suspensions – Could A No Win, No Fee Model Work?

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Will Tjernlund joins us to talk about Amazon account suspensions and the inner workings of companies that help out.

The concept of Amazon account suspensions is semi-foreign to Will, he manages lots of accounts and never gets suspensions and hasn’t heard of any of his group.

But Will when he goes to conferences there’s lots of people getting suspended all over.

Getting unsuspended is straight forward?

  • Getting unsuspended seems straight forward says Will
  • Explain the problem that you broke
  • Explain how you have rectified it and solved that problem
  • Then say that it will never happen again and be persistent
  • Change your wording to fit theirs and replay it back to them
  • Should be something you can manage yourself really
  • Some suspension experts charge £3k or some down to £500
  • There are levels – if you’re a seller losing $20k / day then you may pay that $2k to get it fixed to stop your meltdown
  • Because you’re scared then the value of the knowledge in someone’s head and a one-pager to get this suspension problem fixed is worth it (but is it?)
  • You will spend $2-3k to get someone to write you a letter but with no guarantees
  • Is there a more cost-effective model for people that maybe don’t have huge revenues and monies
  • Danny probably hears more stories about people that didn’t get re-instated than those that did

Have a go?

  • Always try and do it yourself first
  • Would be helpful if suspension experts would breakdown the types of Amazon account suspensions (brand incorrect, co-mingled suspension, etc) and their success rates so you can see which experts specialise in what
  • More transparency would be really helpful to Sellers so you know who to go with for which problem

Money Back model

  • A different model Dan’s UK expert uses
  • Takes him 30 minutes to write an Amazon account suspensions appeal letter and he will give the £500 charge back if the Seller doesn’t get a successful appeal
  • Could we have a cost for writing the letter only?
  • Is it possible to do a No win-No Fee model
  • Does it give more weight if you once worked inside Amazon

Conversion Rates for experts

  • How about having a conversion rate across the experts
  • One guy charges $50 and win-rate is 30% and another expert is $3k but 99% success rate you can see what you’re paying for

Non-Transparent Market

  • It’s a totally non-transparent market
  • Buyers don’t know the success rate
  • Don’t know the likelihood of the expert being able to solve the case
  • The mis-information and fear can have a detrimental impact on your business
  • Unfortunate smaller Sellers have to spend out $2k for a sheet of paper and a couple of hours of elbow grease on email and no guarantee of anything in success
  • What if it was a percentage of lost-sales that you paid for the service?
  • What does Amazon think of the 3rd Market where people are helping others to get unsuspended
  • Lots of people that get suspended are of good heart and were not malicious intent when they got suspended

DIY appeals

  • Some suspension agencies sell packages to help you do you own appeals
  • From a business point of view you can see it being quite lucrative on the fear factor for the suspension expert
  • There’s no level of responsibility where there’s no guarantee and you’re paid up front
  • Danny has seen people that have spent $7k and got nowhere

The Co-op model

  • What if you banded together with 9 of your buddies and formed a co-op
  • everyone paid into a $100/month co-op to get one of these companies on retainer
  • Best case scenario is that the Suspension Agency gets it it’s fees
  • If no-one gets suspended then the expert does well and you’ve for peace of mind
  • If 5 of you get suspended then the expert company gets a lot of work and earns the fees

What about if you can’t get your account back

  • You might really mess up and dig yourself into a hole
  • Unfortunate as the people who need the most information have the least
  • Usually new people who don’t know enough and can’t communicate with Amazon in the right language
  • If you’ve been selling for a while and talked to Amazon enough then you’ll be more comfortable and capable of dealing with it yourself
  • You send an F-bomb to Support out of frustration or emotion  and they reject you out of hand
  • You write a war & peace super long ticket and they reject it out of hand
  • It’s worth paying the expert to get the suspension lifted as soon as you can

Suspension Prevention

  • Some companies do suspension prevention models too that keep you safe too



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