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30m Per Year On Amazon With A 60% Hit Rate

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Nick Young is back with us a $30m per year target this year and a 60% hit rate on products, he talks through how he uses pixelfy as a tool, the importance to his model of rebates plus the funnels that are powering his repeat buys from product specific tagged audiences

  • An eight figure seller
  • Been selling on Amazon for 5 years
  • Hit $2.5m in revenue in year one
  • Constantly launching products
  • This year looking to do $30m
  • Have 70 people in the team total – 2 in USA and most others in Philippines

Product Development

  • General approach to product development has not changed
  • Still focused on expanding
  • Testing products extensively
  • Just doing straight PPC is no longer enough
  • Really important that you create a system for full price rebates (whether rebate key or manychat)
  • Building out funnels
    • Pre-launch list to target for full price purchases
    • Post-launch for collecting customer details and lead them to a post-purchase review funnel off of AMazon toward the listing


  • Utilise manychat as a funnel to reach target audiences
  • Generate an ad that sends to the Messenger funnel
  • An automated email feedback drip campaign lead to buying the product
  • Only do full reimbursements
  • Use pixelfy to run the rebates
  • Use an optimised super URL to target keywords
  • Hit 3-4 keywords out of the gate
  • Two higher volume keywords
  • Then two medium to long tail keywords that know they can win
  • Then see the results and adapt


  • Go hard on the keywords to start
  • Then once seeing the results look to change the keywords
  • Have a breadth of different keywords that you’re shooting for
  • The more longer-tail keywords that you’re ranked for give better results
  • Higher conversion rates with longer tail keywords
  • Easier to rank for the primary keyword as you’re not being drowned out by the competition


  • Creating an ad that sends to a landing page or a manychat that leads to information on the product
  • This then leads them to buying after that information
  • Been focusing on lead magnets for target buyers too

Custom Branded Insert Feedback

  • Inserts by domains
  • Been selling since 2014 and now the tools are much better
  • Had exact same inserts and URLs in the products since then – same URL
  • Couldn’t segment which buyers were coming from where
  • Used Pixelfy to do a custom branded domain
  • Each product has its own branded URL
  • Send them to manychat funnel that knows what they bought
  • A more interactive manychat script that relates to the buyer
  • Get lifetime warranty can we double check your email address
  • Asks if they want to enter a raffle to get a gift card and then tell them about the product
  • Then send them to the listing page
  • You now have their email and also they have been pixeled
  • Now you can have a target audience per product


  • Retarget them for reviews
  • Now something more useful than an email list
  • You can target people who’ve bought before, and left positive reviews and more active

New Products

  • Prep people before the product comes down the line
  • Getting them excited to purchase
  • 14 days people are committed
  • And then when ready we can hit the button to buy
  • 14 days after start hitting them up for reviews
  • Add rebate keys if the sales are not going well – pepper them in
  • Want to maximise AMazon seeing the product
  • Once seeing some success with keywords, will double down on those keywords
  • Do everything to maximise the product and see if it works
  • Two weeks in increase the PPC
  • The PPC AcoS will tell over 2 months if it’s working
  • Success with products is about a 55 – 60% hit rate currently


  • Don’t lose money on launches where the product doesn’t go well
  • ROI want 30% net net contribution margin, after amazon fees, COGS and after ads (don’t forget the 60% hit rate)
  • Don’t spend more that 8% revenue on Ad Spend
  • Factor  in 10% off product development analysis for Ads
  • Minimum 100% ROI and usually target 150% to give protection to the product from competition
  • Looking to buy time with amount of margin
  • Good to hear of a $30m revenue even with a 60% hit rate on products – uplifting for smaller sellers to be able to share this info



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