5 Step Protocol for New Product Launches with Chatbots

Michelle Barnum-Smith covers the 5 step protocol for new product launches

  • Michelle has been running Messenger marketing campaigns for last 18 months
  • Been in marketing for 20 years and focused on Messenger Chatbots for Amazon
  • Early adoption gives cheaper cost per click

New Product Launches

  • How to launch new products with Messenger to get listings off to a good start on Amazon
  • Have a 5 step protocol for new product launches to get you ranked

Step 1 – Launch your VIP group

  • You have 250-500 subscribers on Messenger already
  • Create a VIP audience and say they are your love group and get deals and offers, etc
  • You have trained them to be responsive to you
  • Launch your deep offers to your VIP groups first
  • Drip over a 7-10 day period using whichever URL is working best (i.e. Storefront, etc)
  • Discount – not recommending 90% as you attract the wrong kind of people to you list
  • Usually 50% off is good enough for your VIP list
  • Make sure your listing is not already lowered and start at your max retail price and then go 50% off that
  • Either use an on-listing promotion (clickable coupon) or off-listing single-use coupon as the way to go
  • Figure out on your keyword research to figure out how many sales do I need to make per day against the keyword for me to rank
  • Usually a 10 day drip is long enough to get you ranked
  • Click through rate is higher

Step 2 – Group offer (week 2)

  • Send out a general offer to the rest of your list
  • Say 20-30% off to the rest of your Messenger list
  • If your list price is at full price then not a big hit
  • You can also follow up for reviews
  • 10 days after the 1st campaign for VIPs has ended then you push this campaign
  • Have review flows built into the followup sequences
  • This will have built your sales velocity and history for Amazon to read

Step 3 – Product Testers

  • If you don’t have enough reviews or rank then go to step 3
  • You can stop here if your satisfied with rank and reviews
  • This can be seen as abnormal review behaviour – do not lead with this
  • Has to be embedded in traffic activity so it looks like normal behaviour
  • Depends how competitive your niche is with this 5 step protocol for new product launches
  • This is a sub segment of say 50 people in your list
  • If you need additional reviews – issue a rebate offer or a ‘product tester’ – Hey we’re launching a new product and need some testers. If you can leave us a review we will rebate you the price of the product
  • You achieve this using Messenger chatbot layering of questions to ask and qualify people
  • Be very disciplined and don’t lead with this on its own

Step 4 – Organic Traffic sources

  • Organic traffic sources – previously built out branding activity – Facebook, email list, instagram
  • Promote to these other resources now after Messenger engagements to gain additional velocity
  • The general 20-30% offer out to your wider list

Step 5 – Cold Traffic

  • If you need more velocity
  • Run FB ads with coupon offer directly to your listing via Messenger
  • Giveaway campaigns with general buzz
  • Get new subscribers, refresh your Messenger list
  • Does cost money for ads cost in this step


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