7, 8 & 9 Figure Chinese Sellers At Scale

Michael Hartman is back from his trip to China investigating how the Chinese Sellers are dominating on Amazon, from their marketing level to the tools used and how they structure. Impressed with modern Shenzen and intimidated by the numbers of people in floors of buildings with 15-20 nine-figure businesses in Shenzen alone.

  • Been over investigating and learning, trying to understand how the Chinese are dominating Amazon so thoroughly
  • What weapons do they have, what marketing level do they have
  • The big offices in Shenzen – we went and visited

Been into the office building in Shenzen

  • It was intimidating to say the least – 2,000 people
  • Like seas of people and four floors
  • Plus more in another City
  • Did over 9 figures and $50m profit
  • Got past the shock factor of seeing all these people operating Amazon accounts
  • 2,000 people x $750 per month was dumbfounding

Don’t want a best seller

  • Don’t want a best seller but products that do 5-10 units per day with lots of SKUs
  • FBM and FBA montage direct from factories or warehouse in the US
  • Each person is responsible for 5,000 products
  • Micheal knows this is manageable as he does it
  • Still doing pictures, keyword research (basic level) images were basic
  • Selling 5-10 units per day in a niche does the image quality really matter that much
  • Not so much to them as they wait until a product starts doing well then focus on it
  • Not using 3D render or manychay
  • Are in Germany, UK and they hire foreign language students
  • Just looking to go in and grab market share
  • Fly under the radar
  • Happy with the 3rd page on 2-3 units per day


  • PPC is the responsibility for their 5,000 products
  • Very siloed like AMazon does

Another Area of Shenzen

  • 12 Story building
  • Had another 500 Amazon Sellers in there
  • They focused on individual niches and helped each other out
  • Cohabitation between the Sellers optimising images, ranking, buying, etc
  • Lots of learning and sharing
  • About 15-20 companies doing nine figures in Shenzen
  • One company said to be doing over $1bn in Shenzen right now
  • Chinese are very good at duplicating and making better

Modern Shenzen

  • No smog or dusty roads traditional view
  • Modern architecture and all electric taxis
  • No smog and lots of clean air scrubbers
  • Lots of trees around the cities
  • Absolutely amazing
  • These people have money and new money
  • Crazy how fast – there were 3-5,000 Amazon millionaires in Shenzen
  • Met more 7-8 figure sellers in this 10 day trip than in the last year outside China

Michael’s team

  • Michael’s staff is 20 staff in Romania
  • Chinese tried to buy Michael’s automation and he wouldn’t sell
  • Met with some suppliers, service providers, and masterminding out there
  • Going back in October


  • Launching a Kickstarter – doing it in real-time so everyone can follow it and see how it goes
  • Seller Sessions Live – over 10 x 7-8 Figure Sellers are going there Michael can confirm
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