95% Of Chinese Sellers Suspended on Amazon.de

Michael Hartman joins with breaking news on Chinese Sellers Suspended that comes out of a German news article stating 95% of Chinese Sellers have been suspended from Amazon Germany for not providing VAT tax certificates
  • A German news article says 95% of Chinese Sellers Suspended in Germany and have been removed for not having a German Tax Certificate
  • A big opportunity for Sellers with German VAT certs
  • So push now to get rank and secure your position before they come back, and they will come back

New Tax Rules in Germany

  • There are new VAT rules in Germany to be a Seller on Amazon
  • Germany has gone in hard on this with Chinese Sellers Suspended
  • Claims that UK is being softer on sellers
  • A big opportunity for Europe as a whole
  • UK did this a while back
  • The Chinese will react to the Chinese Sellers Suspended event
  • In Germany, ramp up your marketing and get higher position

Vendor ONE

  • Launching sometime this year, maybe April
  • This should help abuse of listings that was being done through Vendor Central accounts
  • Some were buying those accounts to abuse others but also as a defence mechanism
  • If you don’t have Brand Registry 2.0 then your Vendor Central account will be stopped
  • Amazon looking to buy direct from the Brand and not from others
  • A lot of Chinese vendor accounts are up for sale now – who would buy now with all this uncertainty around them!
  • There are lots of tools in the account you can use for defence
  • The ‘retail contribution’ tool in there has been abused a lot so Amazon looking to get rid of it

Amazon Vendor Manager said

  • Was supposed to rollout in April
  • Needs a Level 7 Mander whatever that means
  • Whatever happens in the US will be rolled out to Europe soon probably Summer is US change is Springtime

Spike in Black Hat Vendor Attacks

  • Will it do away with the traditional abuse?
  • The accounts will be more trackable
  • Last week saw a big spike in black hat vendor attacks and we think this is a push as people know the capability will soon be gone
  • Calmed down now
  • More Amazon will be seen to push into 3PL services

Sneaky Attacks

  • Sneaky attacks in leaving the right kind of comments and feedback on returns to trigger an automatic suspension of accounts
  • Leaving bad words in reviews and customers seeing it
  • Obvious competitor review comments are not being removed by Amazon either!


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