Accessing, owning and managing multiple Amazon Accounts

Chris McCabe joins to discuss multiple Amazon accounts.

Second Amazon accounts

  • Legitimate reasons are
  • Having a separate individual business with a separate brand from the main one
  • Might want to set the business up with two accounts in a partnership in case it splits up later

Amazon like 2nd Accounts

  • Misconception that Amazon hates or is against second accounts
  • They can approve a second account – but needs to be a valid reason
  • More accounts means more work for Amazon that’s the reason to slow it down

Who Qualifies

  • If you have a strategic account manager, market growth manager or a category management relationship
  • Then these are avenues other than emailing seller performance
  • Explain the legitimate business reason – which is not a contingency plan in case you get suspended on your account

Give the Reasons

  • Explain why you need the separate account around financial or accounting or legal reasons
  • But explain what the actual legal or financial reasons are
  • Seller performance are the ones to ‘decide’ if you have a second account
  • If you had one setup already then if Amazon

Explain Why

  • Explain why these two brands need two separate or multiple amazon accounts
  • Some people are ‘reselling’ and doing ‘private label’ and want to keep them separate
  • This separates inventory, reporting and account which is the only way to do it
  • Amazon will be worried that you’re trying to game the system, have a backup plan etc

Once it’s Accepted

  • Make sure you get it in writing from Amazon that are not Seller Support telling you the account has been annotated to explain your second account is approved
  • Someone telling you on the phone is not enough
  • Separate operations for the business for multiple amazon accounts
  • Amazon will be more worried about you keeping the inventory separate
  • It might be a day or two before Seller Performance confirm your 2nd account
  • Most people have a separate address for each account
  • Some people use a remote desktop to separate their accounts and activity or give access to a VA and VA churn means you can keep just the one Desktop account with a single VA

Consolidate two Accounts

  • Amazon can send through an email telling people to consolidate two accounts
  • They send a warning first and give you some time to bring them together
  • Just because your 2nd, 3rd account has not been detected yet…doesn’t mean it won’t be
  • Get permission from Seller Performance before they detect it


  • Will have their own Amazon accounts
  • Can jump through different accounts in a drop-down
  • They will use your passport and will setup all the accounts under them
  • People run into problems with Amazon when they are consultants and Sellers at the same time
  • Accidental logins across your own seller account and the client’s account
  • If the operations are overlapping then it’s a problem
  • You will look like you’re running and selling across multiple accounts to Amazon which is a problem


  • A post was shared by a Seller on the web
  • Shows the internal workings of Amazon from his screengrab
  • Telling people that their time is up if you’re doing black hat
  • Lots of data about Amazon accounts from a screenshot taken off an inside Amazon system
  • Looks like Amazon is tallying up IP addresses, etc
  • Amazon use this data to investigate dodgy accounts


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