Advanced Listing Optimisation, A9 Relevance and more

Christian is an Amazon consultant and speaker, he joins to talk about advanced listing optimisation.

Use of Pipes and Hyphens

  • Christian really hates pipes
  • The pipe was a search operator that was used to separate fields
  • The Amazon ToS forbids the pipe character
  • The Little L and the Big E is working just as well as the Pipe without the negative search operator impact
  • Started at 250 chars, then 500 then 1,000 characters in the backend
  • The hyphen in a-b is a problem for PPC and keyword
  • Using the hyphen is now old-school in Germany
  • A theory that using the hyphen in the canonical URL in the UK for title structures is good for Google and external traffic to pick it up
  • Make the keywords as natural as you can – look like how a user would search

Repeating Keywords

  • Repeating the keywords in both the title and backend is likely to increase your SERPS ranking
  • Danny has used reverse lookups to test how best Sellers are using their backend keywords
  • Almost like they were using a topdown effect by using their full phrase of their keywords for advanced listing optimisation
  • Using bytes rather than characters as some characters take up more of your bytes limits
  • The title, bullets and description is for the customer, backend is not
  • A9 needs some repeating of words – earring is easy in English but many words for earring in German
  • Nickel free, without nickel, anti-allergen etc. These alternatives can go in the backend
  • If they are conversion keywords then you need to mention them in the frontend too
  • So A9 needs these alternatives included in the backend
  • Use the tool – keyword analyser from amalyse

Searchers Intent

  • We want to know how many people are buying under the keyword
  • Looking at searchers intent rather than volume
  • Searchers intent is key for your listing for selling not just marketing

Title Structure

  • Make sure the customer understands your title
  • Get across the benefits and pain points
  • Use Amalyse to analyze the message for advanced listing optimisation
  • Do a lot of analysis on search intent – build a database of search intent
  • Then work out what they searching for
  • Mobile devices you have 60-70 chars to get your message across to the buyer
  • For headline ads you have only 30 chars to get it across

Backend Indexing

  • Fill up the special attributes
  • Don’t use the dropdowns all the time – use your own wordings for advanced listing optimisation
  • Like jewellery – fill up all the fields and use lots of terms
  • Prime one-day and Prime long-term
  • If you are not including info on products, packaging, measurement and weight you could lose a lot of Prime long term buyers
  • Enhanced Brand Content has changed things up here – does not mean write war and peace
  • The description is not indexed – but if you fill in the full search term then it will be indexed
  • Stuffing the 2,000 characters with keywords is fine
  • Precedent for indexing is:
    • Main keywords in the backend
    • Then additional fields
    • Then into the EBC description
  • Keep it relevant and depending on your category you might struggle to have enough relevant search terms to fill up this space
  • Go for relevant long tail search phrases for the money

Enhanced Brand Content

  • Not thinking that EBC is being indexed – not what it’s for
  • Figure out that a picture is displayed with text (first time on Amazon)
  • Customer can see a picture and see the text in the image as well – big psychological benefit for the buyer
  • Let the picture speak
  • Keep it simple – not a 17 page scroll like we’ve seen
  • Beware that the buy button is not in the Buyer’s eye-line – they have to scroll back to get it and the longer the EBC is the further away they are from the buy button
  • Keep it short and simple – don’t lose your customer in the long enhanced brand content
  • Costs you more – more images and more copy to get your brand story across, and you may be forgetting the customer journey and pushing your customer further away from the buy
  • The Chinese are selling more than the Germans and they don’t have lots of EBC in their listings

Ad Placement

  • People on mobile are trained to scroll past position one as the thumb movement is so quick as soon as they hit the page they start to scroll so position one is lost quickly or missed
  • Organic position one is not the place to be for Christian in Germany
  • The goal is to be ‘visible’ and then to make the sale
  • We want to be seen on ALL relevant keywords and very visible
  • This battle is more for visibility rather than position one



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