Affiliate Marketing Part 2 ( The Counter Argument)

Augustas Kligys on Affiliate Marketing to bring a balanced view to Danny’s poor view of affiliate marketing with Augustas actually generating some of his income from his affiliate work promoting companies, software and services to his audience

  • Danny is not a big fan of affiliate marketing and doesn’t see the benefits of it
  • Augustas does virtual summits in the Amazon space
  • He mentions that he is an Affiliate Marketer when he describes himself

What is an Affiliate Marketer

  • Covered on the previous show different areas of affiliate marketing
  • Ticket operators wrap tickets in affiliate marketing
  • Using it to promote your products (Michael used Gizmodo)
  • Your brand and product is a reflection of you
  • Danny not found super-successful affiliates that he’d like
  • Augustas does not ‘act’ like an affiliate marketer
  • Not doing long sales pages with pressure and hype

Protect your Brand

  • Do you really want affiliate marketers to promote you and your brand
  • Where do you find them
  • How do you measure them

Augustas’ Experience

  • Partnerships and Affiliates is Augustas’ view
  • WIthin 3 weeks of launching his first summit he had 1,500 subscribers thanks to his ‘partnerships’ with Speakers on his summit who promoted with affiliate links on a 50% revenue share on the sales
  • In Lithuania we are less ‘salesy’ not like Northern US pushy sales approach
  • A different mindset and Augstas did not feel comfortable to send email to his audience
  • He needed to monetise between summits and so he sent emails to his audience

Challenge 1 – Not to be Salesy

  • Augustas had to work through his not being salesy mindset to be able to monetise

Challenge 2 – some Affiliate services don’t have good tracking

  • How to overcome the problem of poor tracking and trust
  • Augustas trusts 99% of the time
  • Had a problem 2yrs ago with affiliates sales he made and did not get paid (he made 2 sales but vendor said they had 2 refunds)

Challenge 3 – Chasing payment for referrals

  • Augustas gets approached by companies that want to promote their wares through his audience
  • It can take energy to chase money off of referrals made

Demo Mondays

  • Augustas runs a regular demo for new tools and software to be demonstrated to his audience
  • The 1st 20-30 episodes was all free from Augustas but each one took 5hrs to produce
  • Felt he was giving too much and so had to move to charge for this
  • Got approached by more and started using his price – currently unto $200 and an affiliate link
  • The valuation of the work that Augustas puts in
  • If companies are haggling over $200 then Danny sees no point in it
  • A referral link is a an easy thing to do
  • Risk is on Augustas’ side in that he could burn his list and lose subscribers
  • But wants to keep doing this as wants more people to hear about these products

Affiliates Abuse

  • Some companies abuse the affiliates and go through a lot of them for very little rewards to them

Promotion Risks as an Affiliate

  • Problems of promoting a product as an affiliate and then find what you promoted goes bust or fails
  • Competitors pressing for promotion too and rejection can offend
  • Being approached for pay to play at events or on podcast episodes etc
  • Certain service providers struggle to develop marketable content
  • Chasing money from referrals is a pain
  • A murky minefield to know who to promote and trust when suggesting to your audience
  • Hard to pick and back the right horses and risk your audience trust
  • Always have to be careful with any new unknown company or service – test them first


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