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Amazon Ads PPC – Indexing, Bidding and Ad Positions with Sean Smith and Danny McMillan – Session 010

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This session we talk with Sean Smith going into detail on Amazon ads ppc indexation – the warp core of your Amazon listing success. Being top of search is a lot more effective, we cover the 17% difference in ACOS depending on where you place your ads. The choice of strategies in going for top of search or others not only impacts your ACOS but also how successful your conversion rate will be for your product not to mention your clickthrough rate. Sean’s analysis of over 128m impressions gives empirical data-driven facts that help you grow your amazon sales the right way.

Mobile is a key market for Amazon sellers with figures quoted of 47% of traffic coming from mobile. This becomes very important for many aspects of product sales and especially listing optimisation. When crafting your ultimate listing, shaping the keywords into your title, building your bullet point descriptions and ensuring the images all look great, be sure to take a look at how the Amazon algorithm is rendering your masterpiece on the smaller phone screen. We sometimes enjoy the big screen desktop experience while crafting, but forget that it looks very different on different devices.

Amazon Ads Placement

  • Ad placement for 128m impressions tested
  • Performance by placement tested
  • How ads perform in certain spots is different


  • To be Top of search with your Amazon Ads
  • Other (Right Rail, Middle of search,) covers a lot of different places on the page
  • Top is 20% ACOS – 23% conversion rate – clickthrough 2.8%
  • Other is 37% ACOS – 9% conversion rate – clickthrough 0.26%
  • More effective to be at the top of search with your Amazon ads
  • There is more traffic from ‘other’ placements due to the amount of placements

Mobile is huge

  • There is a Ton of traffic from mobile (47%)
  • Mobile first is the key – everyone is really into mobile
  • Top of search and ‘other’ is right rail positions
  • Single ‘top of search’ is the preferred location
  • Mobile ads are better ‘masked’ than on desktop – accidental clicks is high on mobile

Prime Day Amazon Ads strategy

  • Bump up by 25% on ads
  • Organic visibility will carry over for a couple of days
  • Because everyone else bumps up their ads spend, you should up yours just to keep in there
  • Up the budget that day too so you don’t run out of spend, pull average spend report and bump by 25%


  • Usually slower in summer
  • Income down and conversions go down
  • ACOS higher in certain months
  • Focus on a reasonable ACOS
  • Tweakers go in and change their settings every day but don’t record what they do
  • Brian Johnson has a ‘seasonality’ PDF that is really helpful
  • Q4 is coming around the corner too


  • Indexation is a lot less than it used to be
  • Smaller amount of characters on the backend is Sean’s way (for Amazon keywords)
  • Treat also like a baby and explain to them what you want to.
  • People rarely check indexation
  • Words are the backbone of the internet hence Amazon Keywords
  • Manny – maximum of 500 chars (improves indexation)
  • Test your own data for your own product/listing/category
  • Relevancy is a big thing and so keyword stuffing is not possible if you want to maintain relevancy
  • Suggested bid is usually too low in real terms

Bid Plus

  • What would Max bid be for Amazon jeywords, pay upto 50% more only
  • It gives Amazon more leeway to flex your bid
  • Allows 50% buffer to give you a shot at placing



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