Amazon B2B – Should You Use It?

Darren Saul at Vendo to help brands sell on Amazon B2B, to protect themselves as brands and sell more leveraging the benefits of Amazon B2B listings

  • Looking at Amazon B2B
  • One of hte fastest growing platforms for Amazon
  • Established in 2015
  • 92% of Business 2 Buyers are using it to research Business purchases
  • 82% have made a business purchase on Amazon
  • Have 1m Business users
  • Upto $10bn in revenue annually
  • Aim for $20bn by 2021
  • B2B market in general is $889bn in 2017 – Foresters
  • Amazon now stealing a big market share of B2B customers

Stats and Devices

  • 61% are using mobile devices to purchase
  • 41% preferred shopping on mobile to desktop
  • Continues as almost 70% of Amazon purchases are on mobile
  • 73% involved in B2B purchases are millennials


  • Go to Amazon business portal
  • Same seller feed as you would get under your professional account
  • No long term contracts
  • Referral fees of 8-15% depending on what you’re selling
  • Discounted fees are similar to Seller Central
  • Some incentives for certain categories

Eligible Categories

  • Every category is eligible for Business
  • No extra cost so might as well offer up all of your items
  • Just come up with a discount structure you want to offer for business pricing
  • When you log into your own business portal you see offers from other sellers selling on business with much bigger discounts


  • Government, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Education and Hospitality are where teh buyers are coming from
  • Stationery are the go-to
  • Consumables – like kitchen supplies and coffee
  • Plus the large discount range – 5 different quantity discounts available and large bulk discounts to buyers
  • People’s buying habits are 70% of searches starting on Amazon

Off-line Marketing

  • On-line activity through the business portal you can drive off-line marketing opportunities
  • If you see heavy buying in a territory – because you are a 3rd party seller you can see certain info on those buyers and you can target your sales people to go to that territory and target that customer

Augmented Listings

  • Augment your listings with CAD drawing in Industrial and Scientific
  • You can add user guides to your listings to educate your customers
  • Add credentials to your profile and you get ranking juice and a business seller badge as well


  • Reach millions of Amazon business buyers over 1m right now
  • Tons of features and enhancements for your products
  • Develop additional marketing channels on and off Amazon
  • Sell in larger quantities and establish a continuity relationship with your client both on-line and off-line

Payment Terms

  • Platinum stores get paid a lot faster
  • Payments to B2B are paid on invoice from a week to 3 weeks
  • As a whole seeing a lift of 7-11% on sales volume after a couple of months


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