Amazon Black Friday Checklist Part 1

In this episode Danny and Liran go over the Amazon Black Friday checklist that you can give to a VA or team member to implement and check before one of the most important days of the year kicks in.


  • Check for hijackers on your listings
  • Make sure you OWN the buy box – don’t let a hijacker get sales and have crappy stock shipped from China and get you poor reviews on your listing
  • Check listings are not suppressed and fix any biting issues prior to the day (look at SentryKit as a tool to help protect you)

PPC and indexing

  • Check ad positions (beforehand and also on the day in case people jack them up) manually on your PPC ads to make sure they are appearing (main keywords)
  • Make sure all your keywords are indexing organically (Amalyze is the chrome plugin tool for this)
  • Review your daily budget caps (often people run out of budget so be 2-4 times higher depending on your strategy), you may not adjust bids but it’s worth checking your budget cap is optimal
  • Clean up any under performing campaigns and negate non relevant search terms
  • Check your are in the correct browse node – Amazon can have you in the wrong browse node


  • Check for stranded inventory, Reserved inventory and FC processing numbers for each product
  • Max Order Quantity – Check for any inventory restrictions (from a past promo)  
  • Review your shipped and received in shipping plans to see if there are any discrepancies
  • Check inventory levels and send in now (sending in loose carts) if you have a short fall (check last years sales)

This Black Friday Checklist comes back with Part 2…


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