Amazon Boost and Thousands of Sellers Lose Their Accounts

Chris McCabe is live from Amazon Boost in New Orleans.

  • Boost is a great networking opportunity and an Amazon invitation only event to bring Amazonians together with Sellers
  • Not considered a good session to get all the answers from Amazonians
  • Chris goes and meets new Amazon people and Sellers
  • Can get answers to questions a couple of days later
  • Chris has not had trouble getting contact details and business cards from the Amazon attendees

How to get the most out of Amazon Boost

  • Sellers present a problem when contacting with Amazonians in person or on the phone by not being succinct
  • By not asking the relevant person the right focussed questions you just annoy them
  • There are talks at Boost that you can learn from but mostly its value is in making connections
  • Who can you meet from Amazon and what other Sellers can I meet
  • As a consultant going to Boost its an opportunity to meet and network with potential clients

Stranded Products / Brand Name changes

  • The hijacker finds a contact within Amazon and gets your stock flagged as stranded leaving them to send in stock and you the seller frozen out
  • Hijackers change the brand name on your brand by convincing the captive team that there’s been a typo on the listing and they get it changed

VAT abuse situation

  • Danny heard on a Chinese site
  • Amazon has taken out thousands of Chinese accounts that have been avoiding VAT
  • UK lost over a £1bn in tax avoidance so are clamping down
  • Not uncommon for hundreds of China accounts being closed out by Amazon in one day
  • Amazon will take Government very seriously
  • A seller in the UK has been lobbying Government to level the playing field with overseas sellers
  • This is comparable to the US Sales Tax problem for Sellers from out of State
  • This action could be good news for UK Sellers


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