Amazon Bro Science?

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Anthony Lee joins us to talk about Amazon bro science.

Those things that people tell you to do that work for them but you can’t truly ‘test’ to prove that’s what’s worked.

Anthony is confused how people fall into the trap – they see someone on Facebook that they might trust and they take what they say as LAW and implement it with no testing.

Taking your living and putting it at risk like this is unbelievable to Anthony.

People might come across an old video and start shouting that the sky is falling – and then they find the video is 8 months out of date – oops!

Decision making in your business is important.

Reduce the damage of taking your ‘Bro’s word and implementing it immediately as science.

Danny has got the term ‘bro science’ from the world of body building where they would take the advice of another gym member on what supplements to mix together and take and just follow that advice from their Bro without testing. It’s not a gender thing.

To avoid the damage that may come from mixing up formulae on your Amazon business based on hearsay you must:

  • First know your metrics, what objective do you want to achieve
  • After you know your metrics then you have an idea from what you need to increase to grow your business
  • Test – like testing your ‘sessions’ increase being caused by your main image being better.
  • Record your sessions for the past week, change the main image, record your sessions for another week
  • Whichever one has the higher number of sessions wins! A good way to test
  • Only change one thing at a time and test, make sure you’re measuring the right thing for your test

Sales is the Ultimate goal

  • Every tweak and test is to make sales grow
  • That’s the key metric
  • New sellers make a change in the morning and if sales aren’t higher then they make another change back by the evening – you need to build data from your test to see what’s happening, give it time
  • Avoid seasonality when testing as it’s a variable that you cant control during those periods

Different forms of Marketing

  • Divided with friends on what marketing style
  • Gary Vee type marketing is brash and ballsy
  • Ty Lopez is all about the cars, dream selling
  • Anthony is more of a no-nonsense kind of approach
  • There are lots of personality types out there and some segment will respond a type of marketing
  • People respond to seeing the Lamborghini – hence Ty is so successful
  • What gets you in trouble is when your Gurus lead you astray
  • What works in their business model may not work with your business model – then you’re upset when it didn’t work


  • Danny’s school of marketing comes from Pep Laja of conversion optimization
  • The big bling marketing doesn’t work for Danny
  • You need to test and test again to see if it is tailored to your audience
  • Know what works for your market
  • Anthony sees a lot in the industry – the mature sellers are enamoured by the idea of off-Amazon marketing
  • There’s a lot of interest in clickfunnels currently
  • Lots of people coming to Anthony and saying they’ve done the funnels university and it’s still not working
  • Ezra is big in building funnels – Danny does listen to Ezra’s work, very technically gifted across paid search
  • The rules for beauty products are different to spatulas

Upselling and Downselling

  • Funnels are for upselling or downselling
  • Hard to do this with a single product (Kitchen Tongs) on Amazon
  • Follow these amazing marketers but without having a mature enough business to take advantage of the training in funnels and marketing
  • Selling info products is very different to Amazon products

Know your Customer

  • If you’re attracting the wrong customer or setting the wrong level of expectation with your customer causes problems
  • A crap product with a huge marketing push they you’ll get bad reviews on Amazon
  • BUT if you look on ‘wish’ the customers there know the stuff they are buying is discounted cheap stuff and so what they expect is stuff from Asia that was surplus


  • Anthony was trying to use Ezra did some training on Pinterest advertising using ‘native ads’ where you write a super epic blog post and include a link to your products within the blog post
  • Anthony tried this but could not get a sale using it
  • He took the same model to another business (selling books) and he’s killing it
  • A blog post with a link to their Kindle page
  • HE’s got Amazon PPC on and that’s not selling anything, he’s getting 95% of his sales through these native ads
  • He wouldn’t have got there if he hadn’t tested to work it out


  • Selling courses or selling a lifestyle
  • You might want to attract high volume – people not been in business before, impressionable and not been in business before
  • Then you sell them and the complaints come and the returns come
  • Taking this mindset to an Amazon customer will fail you big time
  • You need to know what your customer’s expectations are

Handbag at $120

  • Sell a handbag at $120 will have a high expectation of your product and claims on your listing and high returns
  • Sell it to a person for $20 and there’s a whole different set of expectations and less returns
  • Moral is to test and learn as much as you can about your audience
  • Mix all the bits they like and that’s the road to success
  • Experience lots of types of marketing and blend them to make it work for your business and keep learning / testing
  • HIPO – Highest Persons Opinion: when the boss uses their opinion rather than working with the facts



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