Amazon Choice, Best Sellers Badge and Category optimisation

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Kevin King joins and updates on his conference schedule and what he’s been upto and Amazon Choice Badge.

  • Amazon Choice badge has been around about a year
  • Consumers think its like an ‘editor’s pick’ and human person has chosen it
  • But it’s really an algorithm driven process
  • Main thing it’s used for is Alexa – order me some toilet paper and it knows which one to order by the one that has Amazon’s Choice
  • Based on blind buys – based on what people add to their cart without worrying about the brand name etc.

Purchase intent

  • Adds to cart, a bit of the wishlist and the purchases
  • Which ever has the highest ranking for that keyword gets the badge
  • You could have it for one keyword and not another keyword – it is not based on ASIN
  • Diabolic Labs – Traffic bot can help your ranking for Amazon Choice badge here (but needs some programming skills)
  • Kevin has tried running this through the software to test it
  • Can’t have Amazon Choice and the Best Seller badges at the same time

Voice Search

  • It’s growing but has maybe 5 years away before it dominates
  • If someone is just selecting the product based on the badge then there’s no context to it
  • If a voice command for toilet paper – then what colour, softness, cheap, etc…
  • For Sellers – the more important thing is that most Prime buyers have no idea what it is for. It’s almost like a social proof badge to increase conversions

Best Seller Badge

  • It’s the best seller in the category
  • Based on sales volume but not really conversions on keywords
  • Old-school 2-3yrs ago – carefully choose your category, not the biggest but a lower category where you can go in and dominate to get the Best Seller badge
  • Some categories in Amazon are picked and the top 2 in sub-nodes are lifted and displayed on the front page for the category
  • Was a way to get page 1 with less BSR and reviews
  • NOW – you could be doing yourself a dis-service doing this
  • From a PPC point of view – every ASIN and Keyword has a relevancy from 0-100. Higher the score the cheaper your PPC is going to be and more opportunities for impressions
  • Amazon no longer has a threshold for relevancy
  • It will hurt you in PPC as Amazon won’t see you as relevant because you will be in the wrong category

Keywords that people search but buy less on

  • Viral Launch – Data tells them that 50% conversion rate on exact search volume is the best you can get
  • If you’re using one of those tools – best case is 5,000 sales off 10,000 searches
  • High Volume search term but it has a 5% conversion rate – but a lower search volume but with higher conversion is a better choice for you
  • Be careful which keywords you go for
  • Tools: Helium 10, Magnet 2, Black Box
  • Viral Launch tools – launch service, market intelligence
  • Seller.Tools
  • These are the best for creating your listing


  • You must find the sweet spot for relevancy as you  can’t just bid your way in
  • Amazon is countering some of this fake reviews stuff – some listings are showing only three reviews and a 4.7* rating
  • They are profiling the Amazon customers (because Amazon knows) and giving a subset star rating from what the ‘relevant’ buyers are saying
  • This is really going to battle the people that are ‘gaming’ the system
  • This will really start to target the black hat tactics
  • There was also a lot of buyer accounts shutdown by Amazon too (for review manipulation)

Get Quality Reviews

  • Put out a really good product and you’ll get reviews naturally