Amazon Conferences with Kevin King

Kevin King joins to cover Amazon conferences

Why go to Amazon conferences?

  • Don’t have time, or money to go to?
  • They range from free, to paid to $10k Masterminds
  • You benefit by learning from the speakers – new and fresh material not available on-line
  • You meet other Sellers and can speak their language
  • You’re with people that understand and eat and breathe Amazon
  • Pick up tips from other Sellers
  • At least attend one Conference a year
  • It’s a business expense so can be tax deductible


  • Illuminati conference is a high-end Mastermind and of 75 people for those selling $25k / month or more
  • Training is really good and it’s not recorded so won’t find it anywhere else that on the day
  • This is in Kauai and an experience with canoeing and bonding


  • Traffic and Conversion in San Diego – put on by a digital marketer looking at Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Good type of conference for thinking about different things
  • Like ManyChat and Facebook for marketing
  • Getting the cutting edge on marketing speak – 2 years ahead of others by going to Amazon conferences
  • Tyrone – Private Mastermind in San Diego just 20 people
  • ASGTG – New York, Jewish Seller crowd and a cool 1 day conference


  • Prosper show in Las Vegas with lots of exhibitors – it’s a big show with 1,500 Sellers you might not see at other Amazon Conferences
  • Just One Dime also in Vegas run by Seth with 400-500 people
  • Anik Segal from LURN did an SEO Conference in Orlando not just Amazon
  • Click Funnels conference in Orlando with 3,000 people, very high-end Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with motivational speakers and over 4 days – really good


  • SellerCon in Orlando – the biggest Conference in the World probably – really good networking
  • Speakers are more practical and tactical than Prosper which is more theory


  • Steve Cheu in Florida is a different crowd – 2 days
  • Steve Simonson Catalyst 88 – $25k per year and meet 4 times a year, 25 Sellers and invitation only – for big Sellers who can justify the weekend with 25 other high level sellers


  • Private Label Days in Germany with Gill – 1 day in Hamburg with 400 people and 14 speakers (7 in German, 7 in English)
  • Scale for Etail with Shelley and Richard 3 days , 1 for beginners, one for more advanced and a Private Mastermind on Day 3
  • Romania 2 day event with mixers and dinners with a lot of English speaking
  • Ukraine 1 day event and nicely produced event with Igor, 7 Western speakers there and a well produced and fun event
  • Website – Augustas listing various conferences around the world





  • Global Sources in Canton Fair, China


Other Conferences

  • Conference more in the Spring than Winter months
  • Some other events:
    • Resonate – Seller Labs event
    • Skubana – Chad Rubin’s conference
    • Linnworks in Birmingham Academy Sept


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