Amazon Marketing Hacks Part 1 with Kevin King – Session 028

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Kevin King joins us to share a number of his best Amazon Marketing Hacks to increase your sales and grow your Amazon business. It’s been a busy year – strong Amazon Business progress, Illuminati Mastermind, Freedom Ticket course launched, got married and making money.

Hack 1 – Other fields in your listing

  • Fill out the keyword field that is 250 bytes limited. The Fabric Field can also be filled out and can get you a sixth bullet. A good Amazon Marketing Hack is that there are extra fields you can use like the Subject matter field is also useful, there are 5 fields there and take your best keyword phrases (50 chars per field and 5 fields). Well indexed and worth looking at for PPC matching and tells Amazon these phrases are important.
  • The Subject Matter field is available in the  categories that Anthony is in so looks like available in most. The fabric type does not show up in all cats.
  • A lot of successful sellers that Danny has noted are using the waterfall effect in the backend and going against a lot of the ‘guidance’ and using search phrases in backend fields
  • Spamming the backend keywords is not the best way to go – most big sellers are not filling the backend up but using only a few in the backend

Hack 2 – Pricing your product

  • How do I price my product?
  • We could do an hours session on pricing but as this is an Amazon Marketing Hack…
  • Testing has found that in conversion terms – 45c seems to be the best, then 50, 89, 90 and then 99 cents.
  • To make it look cheaper just drop the decimals ‘.00’ apparently adding the $49.00 seems more expensive the $49

Hack 3 – US imports information

  • Anything coming into the US is ‘public information’  – import records
  • Paid services port-examiner will give you more info on what’s being imported and exported
  • which is a free service
  • You can seek where your competitor is importing his stuff from in China, etc using this data to reverse engineer their supply-chain
  • You can then order a sample from the US stock to checkout the quality of products from the factory production run and see how good their products quality is (rather than have a pristine demo sample they choose to send you)

Hack 4 – Get video on your listing

  • Brand registered people are going to be able to have a video showup
  • Currently you need a vendor account to do this
  • You can get it in the video shorts section on your listing which shows up really good on mobile
  • A video of an influencer talking or an unboxing
  • is a great service that Anthony uses
  • For $29 you can upload your own existing video for cheap
  • This is totally within TOS as they have a special arrangement with Amazon – so that Amazon don’t have to vet all these videos
  • Could give you an extra sale or two a day
  • Anthony has been doing this for over a year
  • Use Framebit to find new and upcoming Influencers

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