Amazon Marketing Hacks Part 2 with Kevin King – Session 029

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Kevin King returns for Part 2 to share a number of his 99 best Amazon Marketing Hacks to increase your sales and grow your Amazon business.

Hack 5 – Which Keyword tools to use

  • In working out these best amazon marketing hacks Kevin has invested thousands of dollars on tools to date
  • Kevin likes to verify using data
  • Free tool is and is best and most accurate – good for testing
  • Used to use Amazon’s AMS tool as a barometer but Kevin found it can be influenced so not reliable
  • Now using Helium 10 – Cerebro tool – THE most accurate in Kevin’s view based on his research and experience
  • If you pay for one, use Cerebro and then Sonor-tool in addition
  • Danny says multi-language search in Sonar is very powerful with a good visual tool – a great tool
  • Cerebro lets you download too both broad and specific keywords data
  • Danny advocates using the 80/20 rule in data research
  • Kevin likes to look at what’s driving the sales – to dig into which keywords a product is using
  • If you can find 5-10 mid-range keywords rather than the top 2 or 3 keywords you can do well
  • Kevin uses his PPC data to check his conversions for which keyphrases are converting
  • He will run PPC for 2-3 weeks to mine this data and drive his strategy for his products

Hack 6 – Amazon’s Choice badge

  • Is keyword dependent
  • It’s recommended by Alexa algorithm
  • Gives social proof to buyers looking at listings
  • Influence this by sending traffic to your listing and have it blindly put in the cart – Alexa doesn’t show a listing so you need the traffic to add it to the cart WITHOUT looking at your listing (like Alexa)

Hack 7 – General Search

  • Most people don’t filter down into the sub-categories for searching – most people use the ‘All Depts’ for search
  • Amazon’s algorithm will only show the top 2 listings in each category on the first page results
  • If you can get your product into the top-two position on the sub-category, you increase your chance of being in that first page of search results
  • Get yourself in the top two positions in an obscure category and use this hack
  • Be careful to ensure relevance of your product in the category

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