Amazon PPC, AMS & AAP Round Table

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Join us and the deadly duo of Taylor Benterud and Sean Smith for an Amazon PPC, AMS & AAP Round Table session covering the latest on PPC and future predictions.

Sean – PPC

  • Accounts that didn’t really see the effect of holiday, no increase in sales and no decrease in conversion rate.
  • Some highly seasonal accounts saw conversion rates drop by a third
  • Had a 12% PPC down to 4% during the holidays, image what this did to ACoS
  • Challenging to troubleshoot and work out how much do you cut and monitor it frequently
  • Sean uses PPCscope
  • Look at graph – PPC Sales and ACoS – when the lines cross you need to mark that date and start looking at it
  • 22nd Dec Sean saw the trend hit – mark your dates so you can tackle it year on year

Taylor – AMS

  • New Keyword performance support – hover over advertising and you can see Keyword Reports
  • Brand gated to get into AMS – that’s the barrier now
  • It’s good as a barrier to entry to headline ads and product display ads – less people using and Avg Cost Per Click will stay lower
  • Annual cost per click has gone up a lot on certain keywords
  • Avg Cost per click has doubled on certain keywords
  • Now in Seller Central so being used by more people and is more relevant
  • Becoming less effective, so you need to be more of a ninja in figuring it out
  • Seasonal AMS trends – Dec 22nd was a key date where everyone was dipping
  • Next year we will cut on 22nd Dec as it could save upto $3k on some big accounts

Testing – Amazon PPC, AMS & AAP Round Table

  • Make sure you are testing every interest possible on your product display ads campaign
  • For each product setup ‘target by related category’ and another for ‘target by interest’
  • Setup these two campaigns for each of your product
  • Test in each campaign and load it up
  • Clients did $15k in sales with an ACoS of 12% – pretty much auto campaigns that are crushing it

Bid Prices

  • Never start ads over a $1 – never do an ‘auto bid’ checked box
  • Starting bids are 37c to 77c
  • Average cost per click on product ads has been pretty steady and not gone up
  • Super low average cost per click

Amazon charging for ‘forgotten’ clicks

  • Amazon email saying they will charge you for clicks that happened at Christmas that they hadn’t yet got around to charging Sellers
  • Likely be a load of seller support tickets
  • AMS not seeing this email coming through
  • Taylor sees it as just a cost of sale as these clicks would have been bringing sales
  • Amazon send you an email before Holidays to up your bids – but never send you an email afterwards telling yo to bring the bids down again!

Is AAP a Money pit?

  • Depends on your strategy as a seller
  • Going to align to more traditional ecommerce space
  • Lower conversion rates than on Amazon
  • Dialling in for conversions
  • Adwords display network is a moneypit on Google
  • Working on the targeting segments – working with Amazon to get some segments targeted and are working directly with the AAP team
  • Sponsored products and headline display ads are the bottom of the funnel – they are ready to buy
  • AAP is just a level up from this – it’s at the discovery stage and people aren’t ready to buy – can’t expect 25% ACoS
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) at 0.30 – some people think this is terrible but it’s a different stage in the funnel and must been seen as such
  • Horses for courses on AAP v’s Display Ads, etc.

Advertising reporting

  • Have a report that tells you if someone clicked on your retargeting AAP ad but didn’t purchase, but 2wks later they clicked on your headline of product ad and bought – the report will tell you they had impressions from AAP before that buy
  • AAP – Amazon Advertising Platform, agencies or Amazon manage this for you
  • Advertising mostly off of Amazon
  • Targeting – Amazon owned entities and 3rd Parties
  • It’s a CPM (Cost per impression) platform
  • You build your own creatives for this or use automated ones
  • Can target different segments, own a van, aged blah, interested in…
  • Key is to stay super-targeted but it’s still more of a brand play
  • You have ‘automated dynamic retargeting’ – it’s automated retargeting
  • You need a minimum of 20k emails into a campaign to start retargeting and create a lookalike audience

Using them all Mix it up

  • We have to mix up the AMS, AAP, PPC to ensure you have mixed traffic coming through to your listing

Predictions for the year – Amazon PPC, AMS & AAP Round Table

  • Sean:
  • More PPC software and robust feature set from these services – people building their own tools
  • PPC avg cost per click will go up
  • Platform is going to mature and become more difficult – incentivised reviews, etc. More specialised products
  • More increase in products that are more specialised – you can’t sell stuff you used to be able to sell


  • People are getting smarter
  • Software is getting better
  • Costs are going up
  • It’s not the strongest that will survive but the most adaptable that will survive
  • Be always learning
  • In AMS is that product display ads will be available on Seller Central
  • Always be testing or you will fall behind

Last points

  • Built ability to do day-parting for Amazon campaigns (pausing and unpausing during certain timeframes)
  • Also reducing bids around low sales times and increasing during high sales times
  • Amazon doesn’t have this – we are testing it
  • Ability to download suggested bids – we have a BETA of this currently and are testing it
  • Use a UK theme in your images, colours and flag in the background – made a leap in conversion rate from 10% to 18%
  • Optimise your listing to be better for higher unit / session percentages