Amazon PPC – Are Impressions Reported Correctly?

Sean Smith are Impressions reported correctly?

Bulk file updates

  • Amazon updated some big changes, the graph, the UI and some people have qualms
  • Sean went straight to the bulk files
  • Allows you to download zero impression keywords – which you couldn’t easily do before
  • So can now adjust the bid on these keywords too
  • File size is a lot bigger with more data
  • Also allows you to keep a snapshot of the zero impressions keywords before you make the changes
  • A huge powerful update for Agencies

Page Impressions

  • Where does page impressions begin and end on a mobile with infinite scroll
  • When you have an ad on a page that no-one sees because it is below the fold – does it count as an impression if it was rendered on the page even though nobody actually saw it?
  • Generating impressions but clickthrough rates are really poor
  • In order to start the process off and appear in the auction then it’s an entry point and key role in the process

How much you bid matters

  • Generating loads of impressions for a keyword or search term and you decide it’s not relevant
  • What if most of the searches are on mobile devices and no-one is seeing them because they’re down the page and not clicking on your ad – so really it’s down to how much you bid!
  • If you don’t bid enough you don’t get far enough up the page and so no-one sees your ad but you’re getting impressions
  • So you might axe good keywords because you hadn’t bid enough for them to get eyeballs and demonstrate conversions
  • Impressions by device and impression by placement as well to be able to troubleshoot this accurately

If you’re getting no Impressions it could be…

  • It is down to bid
  • Down to relevance
  • Down to category
  • If you’re a new account with no conversion history and you’re after a big keyword, sometimes Amazon just doesn’t run that keyword

Clickthrough Rates

  • Sean doesn’t really use clickthrough rates
  • CTR correlation and conversion isn’t really there yet
  • Don’t use CTR as an indicator for sponsored products
  • You would think high CTR means high conversions
  • Could be Amazon data attribution practices that are not showing this in the data
  • CTR plays an important role as an indicator on first view
  • If it’s a good rate then either competitors are clicking on the ad, and you’re running out of budget in the morning
  • Low clickthrough rate standout is the bid was pretty good for a good ad position but the product price is quite high and puts buyers off

No Impressions on your chosen Keyword?

  • Want a keyword but not getting impressions as your bid is not high enough
  • Usually look at product itself
  • If a low volume product than that might explain it
  • when a product is not doing well organically then it’s not going to do well on advertising and must do a relaunch to get visibility back
  • If not getting visibility for a main keyword – can usually get it if we keep increasing the bid
  • We have to be indexed for that keyphrase
  • But if the bid is too high or it’s not cost efficient enough then we won’t go after it in that match type
  • This is why we go after all three match types


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