Amazon PPC: PDAs, New (Auto) Match Types and Ranking

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Michael Hartman is with us talking about the four different match types and ranking in PPC ads, how they help with product display ads and analysing your competitor to find new targets for your PPC adverts

Match types and Ranking

  • There are four Match types and ranking with them is driven by:
    • Close match
    • Loose match
    • Substitutes
    • Compliments
  • If you have old campaigns then Michael recommends killing them and starting new ones to reboot the algorithm
  • After a month you will notice one of the match types take the lead out of the four

Auto-Campaign setup

  • Add you products do and auto-campaign and hit start
  • Amazon tells you the targeting is on four different match types showing the ACoS and sales across
  • One will always be ‘off’ and one will be amazing
  • Just pause the other two and keep the good two running
  • The reporting will show the different match types for you – pretty straight forward to interpret

Product Display Ads (now in Seller Central)

  • Results have been pretty positive with match types and ranking
  • You won’t see huge sales volume or huge impressions even off the best seller
  • Michael is happy with the results and will continue to run them – the ACoS is okay
  • Using Helium10 and going into Black Box for main keywords and then look at who has 0-3.5 Stars on a similar product or with a price that is higher than yours
  • Pull these down to a CSV and filter out the useless info
  • Feed all of these into a PDA ad for the products
  • Seeing $25 product between 25-32% ACoS over the past 3 weeks
  • Noticed that these are very cheap as a lot of people don’t understand them so not used
  • A normal click would be $1-2 using these it’s 10-20c

Setup the Ad

  • Take a product and break it into related verticals to your product
  • Go to page 1 and break into the competition  – use ASIN grabber to get 150 ASINs and dump into its own campaign
  • Go to competitor’s storefront and make a long list of those related products like maybe 20
  • Women’s hair products might be clips, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, combs – you can advertise on all of those (list of 10-20 of these)
  • Set a high daily budget so there’s no limitation and set a really low bid (i.e. 11p a click) and look at impression share to see which to build up over time
  • Not a huge money maker but run them across multiple verticals related to yours – a quick way to build extensive campaigns and run across multiple related verticals

Find Obscure Related products

  • Go to performance notifications > chargeback links
  • Amazon lists every product that was bought with your product during that charge back dispute
  • You can see items that are frequently bought together that you might not see otherwise
  • Found products in there that hadn’t been advertising on and got a 9% ACoS on it

PPC to Organic

  • Has a product that is rank higher than others that are doing double the sales of lower ranked products
  • Analyse the competitor’s ASIN using Helium 10 reverse ASIN lookup:
    • How many keywords are they ranking for
    • How many on a minimum threshold of impressions set to 100
    • Keywords they are ranking for between 1 and 10
  • The Exact match strategy can work well and hone it in to force Amazon to focus the exact match on one keyword
  • Danny is investigating these other products that are beating his on sales and looking at when they launched, BSR, etc
  • But thinking now is that the ‘exact match’ is limiting his product’s access to the broader range of keywords
  • Need to have a good ratio of PPC to Organic sales
  • You must have profitable organic sales and not spend all your organic profits on PPC
  • Michael likes to go for long-tail matches with exact and broad – seems to rank the short-tail better



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