Amazon PPC Product Market Fit

Liz Adamson is back with us talking through experiments on client accounts for PPC product market fit from aggressive breakeven ACOs campaigns to design of listing pages and keyword relevance in backend to drive 200-300% increase in sales

  • Both were on-boarded in October and November pre-Q4
  • Work was to get them to capitalise on the extra traffic throughout the season
  • Search engine algorithm carries them through Q4 and into Q1 to increase sales
  • Different clients with different problems

Client 1 – Educational Children’s Product

  • Client 1 in a Children’s educational product
  • THey had launched previously with manual campaign (no Auto) and manual keywords
  • Started a fresh
  • Re-did the copy for them and improved the keywords
  • Product page not built well and campaigns not built well
  • Had to start from scratch as no data to work with

Product Page

  • Product page is first
  • If the page is not converting then no good getting traffic to it
  • It was missing keywords
  • Copy was not really explaining the features and benefits of the product
  • Used a couple of tools for keywords analysis – gathered several 100
  • Then narrow down to 10-20 keywords for the copy
  • Keep the title clear nad not keyword stuffed
  • Sprinkle the keywords through the bullets and make them clear so customer understands

Keyword Relevance

  • Keywords truly relevant to the product
  • Need to be really accurate
  • Using some of the ‘neighbouring keywords for the advertising
  • Core set of keywords that are relevant to the target audience, relevant to what it’s used for and the features nad benefits
  • Focus on what the product does and how Amazon users are using it
  • De-dupe the keywords and you find different permutations of the same structures of words
  • So we focus on some core phrases but sprinkle the other keywords throughout
  • Then fringe, mis-spellings, neighbouring, etc goes into the backend
  • Optimise these based on what the advertising is telling us that works


  • PPC had not been maximised to build out campaign structure
  • Just a manual campaign with 20-25 keywords nad one match type
  • Built out the auto campaigns for their single product
  • Built out the manual campaign
  • Three ad-groups with all the match-types
  • Just before hitting heavy traffic seasons was great timing and a great holiday
  • THen in January watched as the dip down was still 20% above their September sales
  • More to do on the product page and EBC to come through
  • Solid keyword research, solid copy and complete backend terms setup
  • Basic solid PPC campaign before the traffic hit meant firing on all cylinders before the traffic hit

Client 2 – Outdoors

  • Been around a couple of years
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Three SKUs
  • A lot of competitors
  • A great launch a couple of years ago and wanted to jumpstart growth again
  • Launched a few iterations of the product

Campaign Structure

  • Campaign structure had become dis-organised
  • Tactics around a Research, Discovery and a growth campaigns
  • Hard to know where to put the keywords they were harvesting
  • CHanged the campaigns but didn’t kill any
  • Took a stronger campaign and re-purposed it
  • Had 500-700 keywords nad search-terms to base campaigns on
  • Lots of good data to use
  • Added in all the keywords nad all three match types

Aggressive for Q4

  • Going into Holiday – went aggressive and wanted to manage at breakeven ACoS into Q4
  • In Dec the ACoS dropped as sales shot up
  • In Jan we’re looking to see it crash and it worked out to a more profitable ACoS
  • Went from 5,000 to $6,000 / month in ad sales in Q3
  • In Jan it was £20k of ad revenue and a very strong Feb as well
  • About 15% of Margin managing at a lower ACoS and 200-300% Increase in Sales
  • By re-structuring campaigns and pulling search terms in doing all match types and going aggressive

Case Studies in Growth

  • Upwards expansion approach to clients
  • Not all accounts have bread on the table to enable this approach
  • Big satisfaction to be able to make this change
  • More focused approaches to make it to the next level
  • Always looking forward to growing these accounts

Branded Pages

  • Updated on the previous data we covered in
  • Headlines Search ads Sponsored Brand Ads to store front pages not search pages
  • Larger catalogues with a few hundred SKUs needed clear categorisations on their storefront pages
  • Looking at is it a benefit for caller catalogues

Test Case for Small Catalogues

  • One parent SKU, four child SKUs
  • New to Market in a very tight niche
  • Designed their storefront
  • Running headline search ads to the storefront
  • Comparing the store front ads to driving them to the product listing page
  • The ads had 30% more impressions and 80% more sales
  • Even though ads were exactly the same – ACoS was 13% lower, conversion were higher
  • Landed on the storefront page, Nice video and clear calls to action
  • Product was a little bit technical and a stop-motion fun video that explains how it works
  • A strong part of why it has performed so well
  • Given the chance to educate the customer on the product it worked well and allowed them to buy


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