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Liran on Amazon Seller Data promoting against competitor listings

CNBC news article on Amazon promoting own brands on Competitor’s listings.

  • Amazon promoting their own products at the bottom of competitors listings
  • It is Amazon’s playground and they can do what they want
  • Ethics – how far should Amazon be going on their own platform to push their own brands
  • Not an even playing field for non-Amazon brands
  • Regulators checking on anti-trust for using 3rd party Amazon Seller data to go and launch their own products
  • They have all the data in the world to know which keywords to use and which products sell

Similar from our Brands

  • Product display ads can be used to promote your product against a competitor but Amazon are not using this
  • Links below big brand products go directly to their own Amazon branded products
  • We are Sellers on Amazon’s platform – the only data we get is when we pay for it
  • 50% of Amazon is made up of 3rd Party Sellers – it is the biggest market in the World
  • Paying PPC costs and paying to be on the platform
  • You pull down your PPC Amazon Seller data and update your listings
  • Amazon have got all the traffic data on you and the other players and heatmaps
  • If Amazon wanted to enter a market they can get hold of all the data they want
  • Amazon will only launch brands that are relevant to them and will make money
  • They look at what brands on their platform are doing and then can copycat those that work

Go Niche to Succeed

  • Niche markets is the way forward as a seller
  • Amazon is going mass market as a giant not interested in niches
  • To be successful in private label go niche will be nice for you and too small for Amazon
  • Amazon is going after $20-50m per year – big brands are being targeted
  • Keep small and under the Amazon radar

See the Trends

  • Amazon wants to go where the puck is going to be not where the puck is
  • They have the Amazon Seller data and can see trends coming before others
  • When launching products you need to think about it carefully
  • Huge markets for private label is a risk as Amazon targets it and can come in

Amazon Breakup

  • Scott Galloway on L2inc forecasts the breakup of Amazon due to risk of monopoly
  • Europe looking at whether Amazon’s use of Seller Data is a GDPR violation

Accelerator at Amazon

  • Join our family of brands
  • Another way of pitching Vendor Central
  • Amazon looking to expand their line of brands that are part of their group
  • Appeal to brands that want to come under their umbrella and get some of their search juice
  • Amazon Private Label, WholeFoods, all working together
  • You get more exposure for your products and brand
  • Be interesting to see what the pricing will be – something like a licensing play, 10% royalties of each sale to be part of the Amazon Family of brands
  • Interesting questions in the application forma about where do you manufacture and how many new products can you launch in the next 6 months
  • Don’t try to compete head to head with Amazon private labels brands


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