Amazon Suspensions – 2 Strikes And You’re Out

Chris McCabe is with us on Q4 amazon suspensions and the two strike rule

Final Wording by Amazon

  • “Final wording” is when they are not responsible for replying anymore and Amazon stop responding to queries on amazon suspensions or otherwise
  • Not having the right action plan and not identified the root causes correctly and solutions are not sufficient

Investigator’s process

  • Any re-instatement just resending the same think is not good
  • If it looks the same then it’s likely not going to float the investigator’s boat
  • Where did you get your template from before you sent it in – how many times has the investigator seen your template?
  • They go through thousands of these templates that are set in for amazon suspensions or similar
  • The ‘case history’ is the paper trail and Investigators go through
  • Account annotations are there for them to mine in responding to amazon suspensions
  • They have the option to go back and see your previous appeals and see how similar they are
  • You’ll get auto-rejected if your cut&paste effort is not good enough

No Acceptable Plan of Action

  • You have 17 days to send an acceptable plan of action or after to unsuccessful appeals we will not let you sell on Amazon
  • This is turning up more nad more often now on inauthentic items, rights owners, etc cases
  • Don’t expect that you’re going to get 3-5 shots at this now it’s more like just 2 shots
  • Most newbies will struggle with the 1st one and so the 2nd one had better be perfect, pretty high risk you won’t get re-instated


  • Latest greatest attack method currently
  • Lots of sellers coming to Chris
  • Lots of amateur legal opinions
  • Is there any validity to the patent complaint before you dispute it
  • If you’re not sure and there is validity to it and you complain Amazon will suspend you so be careful
  • If it’s coming from the same party each time – then use that to try and get the attacker suspended
  • Moral compass of some people is shocking
  • Might ToS be changed soon to tackle people ‘trolling’ their competitors?

Legal Challenges

  • Chris would be interested to see if someone can catch a competitor damaging their business using the Amazon Platform and tackle it through the court
  • If Amazon legal got more involved then it might get some action
  • Press stories have made Amazon look-up before but hard to get traction on these stories

Q4 Two Strikes

  • It’s taking longer to respond as the time of year
  • Some no responses as so crazy and so you have to send in twice to get visibility
  • People want to appeal quickly but don’t send low quality as it’ll take a lot longer across Q4
  • Be super vigilant, stay on top of things, pull in the right people and protect yourself as best as possible


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