Amazon Video Shorts, Mailers, YouTube, Giveaways and More

Liran is back to share some more insights in to amazon video shorts, youtube and email sequences.

Email Sequences

  • Low open rates
  • Local black list
  • Historic blacklist
  • Amount of emails sent versus how many are actually delivered
  • Then the small percentage opens
  • You send 100 emails, 60 go to the blacklist, and only 4 open it but you are charged for the sending of 100

Just one email

  • Gone from 3 emails in the sequence to just one
  • Catchy subject line
  • Single email one day after the product is delivered
  • Only one email out per order reduces cost
  • Point of the email is to prevent a negative review
  • One day after delivery so that we can catch them early
  • The open feedback loop – to get the customer to respond back to you
  • What can you send in your email and make the customer just want to respond back
  • Then we can follow up for a review
  • Key is to respond right back ASAP to the customer email

The Email Deconstructed

  • Liran is getting a lot of responses back per day from customers responding to this single email much more than they did with 3 emails!
  • Using psychological triggers to get the review – (and my boss will really like it too 🙂
  • Some emotional touch to move them to take action
  • Subject line is framed as a question to pique curiosity – make sure it is relevant though
  • The message in the email is very short – I know you’re really busy so will keep this really short
  • Also, use P.S. as psychologically they have finished the email but you can add more content here
  • Think about using emojis too

Speed is important

  • Conversion is all about speed
  • Thanks for letting us know, we would really appreciate if you could leave a review for other shoppers to see
  • Just try to connect with the person to do you a favour
  • The emotional connection is good
  • Liran’s signature line is ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ – add some humour


  • Amazon giveaways
  • See what the competition is doing to get some good tactics
  • Giveaway your own product or someone else’s product to potentially build an email list before you even launch in a similar niche
  • In the giveaway you can force a customer to follow you on twitter or youtube
  • In the Youtube video you can give them a 2nd chance to win with a link and it send them to a landing page with an offer and captures their emails off the Amazon giveaway
  • Give a coupon code in a youtube video and send them to your storefront to get people to your storefront
  • No need to promote the giveaways as people just find them
  • Giveaway one unit and you get 2,000-3,000 watch it and go to your storefront

YouTube Influencers

  • Placement ads on Youtube work really well
  • Good to find influencers – search on all the Amazon FBA channels that you can use for outreach
  • Work out the keywords you want and start working through the Placement Videos and filter on how recent and how many views they have to target your outreach
  • Instagram Influencer with 70,000 views that just wanted the product for a post on their stream
  • Big opportunity with Influencer marketing with free product

Influencer Marketing – Amazon video shorts

  • You want to find 5-6 that you rotate around so that your campaigns don’t fatigue their audience
  • Their audience doesn’t double that quickly so you need to rotate your campaigns
  • Upload the Influencer’s video to Amazon Video Shorts on Amazon
  • In the iPhone you can go to accessibility features and record your screen to capture the videos off your phone
  • Re-use the videos as video shorts on your store

Amazon Video Shorts

  • Liran has had competitors put completely unrelated videos on his Video Shorts
  • An Amazon case is logged to try and get it removed
  • Completely not related product that this competitor is posting on his video shorts
  • Totally annoying
  • Not a good tactic to do it to another PL seller
  • Video Shorts are much more prominent on mobile – much better than desktop
  • Worthwhile doing if you’re already doing Influencer marketing
  • Use ‘4K video Downloader’ – free software


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