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Amazon Warehouse Deals – Put Up and Shut Up

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Paul Harvey is with us talking through indexing issues around geo targeting, subscribe and save discounts and Amazon warehouse deals the pros and cons.


  • First time launching products while located within South Africa
  • Launched two products and one was indexed correctly but the other not indexed
  • Sentry kit keyword checking software – says it’s all okay
  • But on searching for it Amazon could not find it
  • Type the ASIN then the keyword to see where I was but it would never come up
  • Already sending traffic to the listing and not sure it’s a good idea
  • After 3-4hrs on Seller support and Captive team – he sorted it out

Worldwide Shipping Plan – geo-targeting

  • Being in South Africa was the issue
  • Two products and one had an FBA shipping template that was US only – the other one was worldwide
  • Search on Amazon.com you would only see the FBA Product with a shipping template that was set to worldwide not the US only shipping plan
  • Every search from South Africa would not show the US only product
  • Paul changed his Amazon Buyer account to a US address from his South Africa address
  • He searched again and it showed up
  • The issue was simply geo-targeting

Subscribe and Save

  • Very straight forward to setup
  • Warning: search in help files and download the spreadsheet to setup
  • Will be launched within a few minutes of setting it up
  • Don’t do it until you’ve ranked the product and settled on your price-point
  • If you start changing the pricing after ti’s up you will upset customers
  • Any discounts you’ve put out then the customer with your coupon gets their discount PLUS the 5% for Subscribe and Save

Amazon Warehouse Deals

  • You’ve got no real control over Amazon Warehouse Deals
  • Danny had some fun with Seller Support
  • Had bought his product through his Buyer account and got a warehouse deal off his listing
  • Spoke to Seller Support and explained he’d bought it himself to stop a REAL customer buying it
  • Seller Support come back and say there’s no warehouse deal on his listing
  • He send a screen grab to them to show it
  • He then gets a calc back and reimbursement
  • Got a ‘buckled’ product where it had been shrink-wrapped so tightly
  • Danny took some photos of this to cover himself and emailed back to Seller Support
  • Asked if it could be flagged as ‘damaged’ and asked if a negative review off a buyer could be removed
  • They came back and said that Buyers are not expecting it to be pristine when it’s a warehouse deal
  • Any review removal is based on the ‘context’ of the review – basically saying they won’t remove a negative review
  • Danny didn’t want them to put it in the marketplace and would be happy to buy the warehouse deal stock rather than have it back in the marketplace


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