Amazon’s Viral Bait & Switch Pop Up Ad – Here Is What Happened Next…

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Destaney Wishon Is with us talking about ‘that’ Amazon pop up ad and what happened next, how the data was tracked over several weeks and the surprising impact that was shown.

  • Manage BetterAMS a PPC Agency scaling sponsored products and brands for those that sell on Amazon

Amazon Pop up ad on your brand

  • An ad that went viral on LinkedIn and shared numerous times
  • Amazon produced a new ad type and when you click to go through to the product Amazon popped up a pop up ad banner ad with a discounted product
  • This happened to Destaney’s client
  • It was a brand sponsored ad and Amazon was cannibalising Destaney’s ad spend
  • Destiny checked her data and within the 1st week she saw no change
  • Gave it 2 more weeks and didn’t see a change in conversion or a drop in impressions as a result of that ad
  • And everyone was up in arms about this ad

How Long was it There and what Impact?

  • The fact it was a pop up ad on mobile and it was annoying
  • It was on the listing for
  • Nothing was definite but the pop up ad was there for a 3-4 week period
  • A major drop in ACoS from Feb to March from 17% to 11% after the ad was placed
  • So Destiny actually gained instead of lost?
  • Compared to last year it’s on trend but Feb to Mar was a 10% increase

This is Positive

  • No conversations with Amazon on this were had
  • We assume Amazon are always rolling something out
  • These beta launches are a benefit to Sellers so seeing it as a positive

Brand Owners view

  • Destanay checking into the data and decided not to sweat the small stuff
  • Have a good listing, great EBC, and pouring lots into PPC and outside media so pretty comfortable

Better AMS Brand Building

  • Better AMS started to focus on AMS
  • People were maxing out their sponsored products but when it came to sponsored brands, HSAs, PDAs they weren’t maximising their sales or profits
  • Sponsored brands is typically 30% of your sponsored products if you’re maxing it out
  • For building a brand then it’s content for omnichannel marketing is great
  • The new brand metrics are amazing to really target new customers rather than returning

AMS Ad inventory

  • Seems to be more ad inventory on AMS side than on Seller Central side
  • Had a few brands wanting to merge all their AMS ads over to Seller Central – advise them not to as you lose data
  • Split-test the Top 10 AMS bids on Seller central side – difference in ad inventory
  • Difference in CPCs higher, ACoS 10% higher on Seller Central side
  • If you’re going to re-launch a year and a half old product on Seller Central you won’t have the attribution from AMS with it


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