AMS Roundup with Taylor Benterud

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Taylor joins to talk through AMS Roundup

New Interface

  • AMS had a new UI
  • Not everyone has access – about 80% so far
  • But it’s coming to everyone
  • The same as Seller Central to select the 5 metrics graph
  • Keyword level you also have the graph when you click into the Campaign
  • You can see the spend, sales, ACOS over time

Bulk Operations

  • Bulk operations only available for Headline Search Ads not product display ads
  • Powerful because the AMS management platform is poor
  • Can’t manually change bids – it’s dead
  • Same as Seller Central’s version
  • Don’t be scared just go in and work out how to use it
  • If not – you’ll find someone on VBA or Macro Excel expert on Upwork, etc and ask them to do it for you
  • Just apply it – download the bulk file and apply 5 formulas to change all the bids into a macro
  • You can go to Fiverr and build your own bid management system to update it twice a week

Average Spend Threshold

  • Working off client’s margins to know what ACoS you can work to
  • What about keywords that are out of reach due to margins
  • Low impressions but not clicks and you want to raise the bid to get there
  • Counter-intuitive approach to it
  • An AST Average Spending Threshold
  • Sell 10 SKUs and your ATS in 30%
  • Sale price of Product and then Actual total revenue of that SKU in the last 30 days and Margin
  • Calculate the weighted average margin for the account
  • Take it across all the products for all your products after Amazon fees etc
  • In AMS it doesn’t tell you which product converts
  • Use this formula – if keyword has zero clicks or impressions, you raise the bid by 25% until it gets clicks, if it gets upto say $9 and gets a click it gets automated down immediately to know where it needs to get to for a click
  • Then raise the bids around the AST
  • Can do it on the campaign level now – but it’s not great
  • Do it on a pre-ASIN level eventually

Automated Bidding – little rule thing

  • Automated Bidding thing
  • Was in the headline ads in the new UI but they got rid after the 1st day

API makes Automation so much easier

  • Working to automate the bid management on the API
  • Bulk operations is so good
  • Proper approach is to master your formulas in the bulk operations and THEN plugin to the APIs
  • The Amazon Way by John Rossman – launched the 3rd party fulfilment on Amazon
  • Taylor LOVES this book and the principles they used – Instrumentation is the key principle

Project Management

  • Used Trello and Lucid Chart
  • Lucid chart is for flowcharts and helps with visual learning
  • Use a video to explain how the Flowchart SOP works to make it repeatable
  • No more errors as everything is SOP
  • Paired Lucid Chart with Trello
  • Each step in the flowchart is a column in Trello
  • Just drag the Post-it in Trello from one to the next
  • Reduced communications in the team a huge amount by introducing this approach

Prime Day

  • Prime Day progress
  • Weirdest thing was the day before or first day – the spend doubled across every account and no Sales at all
  • Then the next day, spend came down but sales came through
  • Sales was 2x across all accounts
  • ACOS was a little lower – average is about 22% still

Keyword Foundations

  • Finding new keywords
  • New product they need to build the title properly
  • A good title is really foundational
  • Find the seed terms
  • Baby Rain Boots – difficult to do keyword research for
  • Convert for adult rain boots
  • Usually the product name is the keyword
  • Find synonyms for baby, rain boots
  • Could be toddler rain boots or rugrat water boots
  • Then use mergewords.com and interchange them
  • You find a lot more unique weird keywords that 99% of Sellers don’t do