Are Affiliates A Good Idea For Promoting Your Amazon Product

Michael Hartman is with us talking through affiliates and affiliate marketing. A double edged marketing tool that you could use to promote your products out and also could take affiliate money in for your to promote the services of others

  • Affiliate marketing is another form of marketing to sell your products
  • It can look like affiliate marketing is free but there’s a lot of work to get to the right affiliates
  • Affiliate marketing is a double edged sword
  • If you get the right affiliate link it can improve rank very quickly on Amazon
  • Seen units move 5k-10k units in a day on one SKU
  • The Affiliate got a % and they sold a lot of Michael’s products so all good
  • Some affiliates can be one boom deals

We don’t Take Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is not for Seller Sessions
  • Want to maintain our independence
  • Avoid the pressure of affiliates to promote things
  • We keep the content king and queen
  • Putting good quality content in the reach of everyone is the key

Use Affiliates for own Products

  • Michael will use affiliates to sell and market his own products
  • He won’t push affiliates services / software in his talks
  • What if the product goes bust and you’ve promoted it….not great for your audience
  • Just be careful who you affiliate with

Things are changing

  • Podcasts used to be able to get away with fluff and no real content
  • These days podcasts must have ‘real’ knowledge in there to keep an audience
  • Michael has used affiliates to scale really quickly on Amazon
  • Influencers these days are similar to the affiliates of old

Just say No

  • Looked at a lead advertiser for Seller Sessions but in due-diligence on their service we found it didn’t hold with the integrity of our brand
  • So we didn’t recommend or go with it
  • If you can’t in good conscience go with it then avoid
  • Not trying to hate affiliates but just avoiding the murk
  • Danny’s background in the music industry and a ticketing startup…

What is an Affiliate

  • If you want the short-term then go for the affiliates money
  • Not usually a long-term play
  • A pretty short-term strategy with a limited life-span
  • Not met a super-successful affiliate that’s super ethical
  • Pretty much driven by money

Make Value before Money

  • If you make meaning, you’ll make money
  • But it won’t always be the quick money


  • Being an affiliate on the receiving end
  • You’ve got to take on face value that the commission you’re receiving is correct
  • It’s a bit sketchy

Get your Affiliates

  • How to go and find your affiliates
  • Gizmodo was where Michael found his
  • The first one went well but he applied for more and didn’t get through
  • If you build your affiliate system:
    • Need a reporting system
    • A swipe file for your product
    • A good commission structure to make it interesting to affiliates
    • Software for affiliates is attractive as it’s continuous use each month
    • Currency companies always pushing for affiliate
  • How much commission can you give away to make it attractive?

Podcast Integrity

  • A lot of software companies are giving away lots of monthly renewals based on what their customers are paying
  • As the host of a show Danny has a higher ethical responsibility to disclose any affiliate deal on software being covered
  • This podcast is targeted at higher level advanced sellers and business owners
  • We are not the 4hr work week lifestyle podcast
  • We’re here to give you the information and knowledge


  • You can use affiliates in some categories where it will work well
  • Fake and false advertising is a key area to focus
  • Danny is very biased against the affiliate world
  • Go out and do your own research before you enter this world
  • Not always as easy as it looks like
  • Where do you find the affiliate that suits your product and it’s needs without burning bridges with your customers


  • Found a successful way to scale 4k x SKUs a month – well done Michael with your SOPs and Tech

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