Brand Analytics – The Game Changer For Amazon Sellers

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Michael Hartman is with us and a new discovery on Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) data giving brand analytics and detail of clickthroughs, search terms, conversions rates and more for ASINs that is now available to brand registry accounts.

  • Amazon Retail Analytics data (ARA) – a report on the top keyword searched on Amazon – https://sellercentral.amazon.com/analytics/dashboard/searchTerms
  • Searched Valentines nad saw 270,075 rows for past week
  • No. 17th Search on all of Amazon right now is ‘valentines day gift for him’
  • Percentage of click for first 3 items
  • And their conversion rate
  • Great way to go and look for products to sell or
  • To look for keywords and conversion rates across keywords
  • Can look up your own search frequency and how you are ranking

Most Searched on Amazon

  • Most searched on Amazon is ‘bluetooth headphones’
  • No 2 is Wireless earbuds
  • Third  is headphones
  • No 4 is airpods
  • Mainly electronics

Top Search Terms in Dec

  • Back in December it was:
  • No.1 search was Nintendo Switch, then headphones, iPhone Charger
  • In November it was:
  • No.1 was ‘Nintendo Switch’ as well with 7M Switches sold on Black Friday

Why make Data Available now?

  • With brand registry this is available since Jan 2019
  • This data was only available to Vendor accounts and via black market
  • Why now?
  • Was so available to black market that it made it a no brainer to open it up
  • Risk of Amazon being a monopoly in the US so opening it up reduces that risk to Amazon

Amazon Basic Products

  • Last month’s Amazon Basics for last month Q4
  • Dinner ware was popular 25.77% conversion rate 16pcs Cafe Stripe Dinnerware set
  • Images are within ToS
  • EBC is pretty good too
  • Look at Amazon Basic motor oil

Top Garlic Press

  • Garlic press is:
    • No1 Seller for last month was Orblue is killing it
    • The 3,997th searched product on Amazon
    • The 63,000 is Stainless Steel garlic press
    • He has 21.95% click through rate
    • 2,938 reviews
    • Is Amazon’s Choice
  • Looking for bad clickshare and bad conversion
  • OXO is a huge brand in home and kitchen and has 80+ clickthrough rate

Goes back how far?

  • Goes back quarterly to 2017
  • A useful set of brand analytics data giving lots of insights

Reverse ASIN

  • Amazon Basics dinnerware set
  • All the keywords for which it’s ranked in the top 3 and it’s conversion rate and clickthrough
  • Some bugs in this so need to refresh
  • Can email and schedule downloads
  • Might be some restrictions Amazon applies here

Look at Nike

  • Running shoe revolution
  • Nothing showing as some brands may be restricted

Generic is Safer

  • Hammock as an example is good
  • Trends show spring and summer selling better than winter
  • Build out rankings to see if they are growing or shrinking
  • Search frequency is visible also

Seller Tools

  • Seller Tools will integrate all of this data one available
  • Need an Admin level on your accounts along with Brand Registry 2.0
  • Will be listed in the reports section in the future
  • Use an admin access account

Visit with Amazon

  • Amazon are pressing hard into advertising
  • More releases and changes coming
  • Dynamic up and down, dynamic down only
  • Lots of issues coming in as they roll out – just report them and you’ll get your money back
  • In Dec it was 26 in US it was 18th.
  • Danny and Ellis at DataBrill are speaking with Seattle on advertising and advancement soon

Doing 1,000 SKUs a month

  • Growing to thousands of SKUs
  • Re-thinking how to do it due to graphics bottlenecks when uploading graphics
  • Implementing new solutions in the next few weeks
  • Doing over 1,000 SKUs a month
  • Spreading the risk across multiple SKUs
  • Going into niches with high quality graphics and listings
  • Bottleneck on the graphics – only do 3D graphics
  • Seeking automations and machine learnings to do this faster and scale
  • Looking at 1.1m SKUs as a target
  • Has 4,000 listings currently