Breaking: The Big Review Changes on Amazon

Liran talks review changes

  • New Amazon policy on review changes in terms of service
  • Normally Amazon are vague on terms of service
  • An email has been coming out of Amazon

Violations are

  • Seller posts a review of their own product or their competitors product is against ToS
  • Seller offers a 3rd party reward or a discount for reviews on own or competitor products includes using services for customer reviews, websites of social media groups
  • The Seller offers to provide a reimbursement after a seller review – aiming to avoid rebate groups
    • If you email a customer offering a discount for changing a review or instigating review changes then you’ve triggered this violation
  • Seller uses a service that offers free or discounted products for reviews
  • Snagshout forced customers to write a review before letting them get their next deal – to avoid maybe given this ToS update
  • A family member posts a review of your or the competitor’s product
  • Seller asks for a reviewer to change or remove their review for compensation
  • A seller diverts negative reviews to be sent to them or via a different feedback mechanism rather than via Amazon while positive reviews only go to Amazon – diverting negative reviews from being written
  • Seller creates a variation relationship between products with aim of manipulating reviews or review changes and star rating aggregation
  • Amazon are splitting reviews by variations to try and catch this problem
  • A Seller inserts into the packaging of shipping packaging or box asking for a review – think it’s okay to ask for a review not a positive review
  • Seller uses a seller uses a customer account to write or change a review on a competitor products – seems to try and catch hacking of customer accounts


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