Breaking Update: New Amazon Ranking and Suspension Policy Warnings

Anthony Lee is with us shedding light on the recent suspension furrore giving his views on the current data available to assess whether the sky really is falling, consideration to Amazon algorithm change false positives for suspension and how the reinstatements seem awfully swift.

  • Keep the ball on the ground here and stop the panic
  • Not seen evidence yet of:
    • A suspension related to a URL that is physical proof
    • A suspension related to promotions
  • A lot of info out there and seems like the sky is falling but there is no categoric proof

If you’ve been Suspended

  • Show Amazon your inserts and whole flows as part of your plan of action
  • You have nothing to lose so just show them
  • We can all go onto groups and not tell the full story
  • If you feel you have been suspended for the wrong reason then show Amazon in your plan of action and show the groups all of that

Anthony Lee is back with us

  • People are saying they have rank manipulation suspensions
  • We can’t presume that we know what Amazon is thinking – but seen cycles like this before
  • Amazon will change a functionality and shortly after that it will put a stop to a service or action that Amazon no longer wants to see in practice and people will be suspended for it
  • They may not be suspending more than before but seeing a lot more sharing on social media
  • Unusually this was not preceded by Amazon changing a term or function so people are scrambling to interpret their actions
  • Anthony so far does not understand what Amazon’s motivations are yet – still building the data
  • Seems to be newer Sellers and some with older listings and just started promoting
  • Could be listings with no sales history in terms of the highest level impacts that we’ve seen so far
  • Nothing in the ToS so far is leading to identify anything concrete as a cause
  • Nothing to lead us to where the violation is triggered
  • Not seeing enough consistency in the sharing in groups to define a consistent pattern

Promotion is a Sophisticated Process

  • Someone will go onto Facebook and claim they got suspended but didn’t do anything – it’s just a couple of comments no data
  • Often times it’s down to verbage used in inserts, or not using a particular service or using a particular service
  • But in the groups you see group-think and the hoards joining in with the conversation
  • When you do giveaways – it’s a sophisticated marketing strategy and there’s a lot that goes into it steps-wise
  • There is plenty there that could go wrong in the process
  • Very unusual not to find a pattern in the suspensions at this stage – could also be that Amazon messed up somehow
  • They may have put out an algorithm that is providing false positives and causing suspensions
  • Because – people are running promotions, getting suspended, writing their own appeals and getting re-instated straight away
  • Could be that we’re seeing the worst of them correcting a problem because this never happens
  • Or it could be that there’s a change coming that we don’t yet know about

Amazon give us the tools

  • Amazon put coupon codes as a capability out there – they are giving us the tools
  • If you’re giving coupons out to people then you’re not doing anything wrong
  • Fake sales coming through then you’re doing something wrong
  • If you have one guy buying 100 units then you’re doing something wrong
  • Small number of people being suspended and a fraction of the amount of people running promotions now
  • Anthony’s advice is to diversify – don’t just run discounts, play with traffic, facebook, other services
  • Diversify traffic and strategy and focus on building a brand

Wall between Promotions and Reviews

  • Put a wall between doing promotions and asking for reviews
  • Careful wording on inserts
  • Think about your wording on email flows and feedback sequence too
  • Keep asking for reviews and giving promotions very, very separate
  • The ToS are very clear on these points
  • Amazon look at any discount as incentivisation for buying but not for giving you a review
  • Exclude people you target for promotions from your feedback sequence
  • Amazon are looking at your inserts too
  • Just don’t break the rules

Seller Sessions Live

  • Talk on Psychological marketing and how to get Raving Fans
  • Marketing strategies and why they work
  • How the brain works and help you understand how people buy
  • Copywriting techniques to help turn your product into an irresistible offer
  • Split-testing Facebook ads
  • How to maximise average order value to earn more profit on each sale – even if you’re running deep discount sales
  • How to build a funnel inside manychat in Messenger
  • Turn the engine on that keeps people buying and sharing your products

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