Building and Leveraging Lists for your Amazon Business

Chris Rawlings from Judo Launch talks about building and leveraging lists. He started as a scientist and moved into Business. Started an on-line spinal improvement brand. Became a seven figure a year business. Talking about building and leveraging lists.

Building a list for a new Seller

  • Many brands don’t recognise the value of a list
  • Seen as more of a B2B focus
  • Easy to start from where you are
  • As a seller, you already have lots of touch points
  • They buy the brand, open it and touch it – so add an insert in the box that points them to a URL where you collect their name and contacts (give them an incentive)
  • This might convert you 3-10% which sounds low but it adds up – a constantly flow that keeps adding up

eCommerce site

  • With the Traffic to your ecommerce site you can get subscribers for building and leveraging lists from that:
  • Sign-up in the footer of your content pages there
  • The popup form (when they go to leave your page) – you can give them15% off a new order
  • 3-5% conversion rate

Have a List

  • Building and leveraging lists can be almost passive
  • Once you have a list it can grow itself
  • Ask people to refer their friends
  • Give incentives for referrals
  • Use Business Development to develop your list
  • Find a company with a similar product to yours – do a joint content piece together
  • Make a co-created white paper from both of you
  • Make a landing page out to both of your audiences and collect the emails into both of your lists

Run a Competition

  • Buy a load of a competitor’s product and put on a landing page as a competition
  • Landing page as a Competition – to build a list using a competitor’s product
  • Collect the names and emails that you know are interested in this product and this is a prime list for you to then target for your launch
  • Use facebook ads to drive traffic to it – and second prize is a voucher


  • Doing a partnership that allows you to grow your list
  • Or another service with the same customer persona to x-sell your list and you x-sell to their list
  • Build a landing page on unbounce or hubspot
  • Sign up for a white paper on how to reduce nerve pain in 5 mins flat, or sign-up for a webinar on pain relief or whatever
  • Both of you can partner to use the emails addresses that sign-up on both of your lists
  • And on a ‘confirmation’ page you can upsell another products to them

Outreach to a Partner

  • Not like outreach to an influencer on Youtube a bit more involved
  • But you can reach out to an influencer too

Use your list

  • Get feedback on your existing products
  • Ask what new products they want – poll people on which of these are most interesting to you
  • Just another mail merge tool on Google – send upto 400 email a day
  • Use this with Streak CRM to capture input

Use these for Marketing

  • Ask them for video testimonials
  • Great for re-targeting and is the highest leveraging way to bring people back
  • Without a list you don’t have a customer eco-system
  • Get quotes and testimonials from the list
  • Ask them to generate content for you to tell their story


  • Hard to build a list
  • It needs to work for you not just someone’s method but your own
  • Some products are not desirable enough to do testimonials and stuff


  • Judo launch gives you the ability to short-cut this and build a list quickly. Add on called list-boom which lets you keep the email addresses from your launch

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